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I'm a celebrity.

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neiljames77 Sun 17-Nov-13 08:24:15

Who'll be the toxic, acidic character this year? There's always at least one. I don't usually watch the reality stuff but I quite like this.

JodieGarberJacob Wed 27-Nov-13 22:24:25

Crikey I was in tears myself just then

Maryz Wed 27-Nov-13 22:43:48

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

roadwalker Wed 27-Nov-13 22:48:05

Amy's voice drives me nuts
Matthew is starting to look slightly deranged

mrsjay Thu 28-Nov-13 08:46:27

And nice to see Lucy being voted to do the trial. That's the first time this year someone is voted for because people don't like her. Rather than the vote being a popularity contest.

yip she is a bitter auld moo so people are actually voting how they are supposed too grin
I know amy is a bit precious but she actually hates her you can see her choking back her venom when she looks at her,

I love Kian I think he could win , My dd can not get over that Lelia is Gary Oldmans sister she keeps saying SHE IS SIRIUS BLACKS SISTER are you sure grin

Matthew is starting to look slightly deranged

he so is everybody else looks ok and fresh faced he looks half starved and bonkers its all a bit castaway

mrsjay Thu 28-Nov-13 08:47:32

anybody watching ITV2 who is that scouse bloke on the panel I have no idea who he is

bitemabum Thu 28-Nov-13 21:29:33

I really hate Alfonso, what a twat

Umpire Thu 28-Nov-13 21:38:49

Shocker. Stop the carousel. I like kian. He's sane, calm under pressure, easy-going, pulls his weight, loves his wife, and could answer simple general knowledge qs.

He called his son koa
I think tjat made me think he was a half eejit.

toffeesponge Thu 28-Nov-13 21:39:37

shock why, what has he done?

Umpire Thu 28-Nov-13 21:39:54

Oh that scouse bloke is dreadful. His accent! I know he cant help that but it's awful. And he's boring.

mrsjay Thu 28-Nov-13 22:29:04


Alfonsa is bubbiling and mathew has gone mad it is gonna get messy

KenDoddsDadsDog Thu 28-Nov-13 22:40:59

No, not an Irish name.
When is he first eviction?

mrsjay Fri 29-Nov-13 09:36:03

sunday night first eviction

bitemabum Fri 29-Nov-13 09:39:30

Let's hope it's Alfonso but I suspect it will be Matthew.

mrsjay Fri 29-Nov-13 09:41:50

if there is a barney before sunday it wont be those 2 i dont think, it all depends who Kian and Joey pick for immunity

bitemabum Fri 29-Nov-13 09:46:20

That's true. I feel a bit sorry for Matthew, he's coming across as quite aggressive. Alfonso's annoying me going around quietly bitching and dripping poison, trying to get people to turn against Matthew. He's a pompous twat! IMO.

mrsjay Fri 29-Nov-13 09:53:48

yes I thought Alfonso was a happy cheery man no he is quite nasty I know people are getting on his nerves but,,,

alemci Fri 29-Nov-13 10:22:10

yes I don't think Alfonso is all that he seems. It is all so cleverly edited isn't it? I think Steve may be a bit 2 faced as well.

MonkeysInTheFog Fri 29-Nov-13 10:27:02

Alfonso really is pompous isn't he? Love/hate it when he starts pontificating. It would be dull enough even if he didn't have such a halting, droning delivery. Can't believe someone so un-animated ever made a living as an actor.

kerstina Fri 29-Nov-13 10:29:49

Why do I always feel like I have to defend Matthew. He is emotional and a bit of a rebel. I have seen nothing on celeb that i have not already seen on his programme. What is making me angry is the editing. I would guess people were moaning about the heat for hours he offered a solution but was frustrated when they did not act as a team. He said he was not bothered about the heat himself. They made the editing look like he was getting really arsey . Am going to be voting to keep Matthew in for first time ever. I think he will be first out though as he is the only one who is being himself and not scared to rock the boat. Sit back and do nothing you won't ruffle anyones feathers. Boring.

mrsjay Fri 29-Nov-13 10:32:54

shouting SCAB at Kian and disturbing lucys story was really rude and all that lets take our mics off rubbish was pretty hmm though

kerstina Fri 29-Nov-13 10:37:16

Maybe but it was tongue in cheek and he is a left winger at heart always banging on about revolutions on his show grin or maybe he is losing the plot in which case he will probably walk anyway. I get the impression he thrives better in a smaller camp and is someone who needs his space.

mrsjay Fri 29-Nov-13 10:37:56

or maybe he has just watched loads of im a celeb and knows how to get on camera wink

mrsjay Fri 29-Nov-13 10:38:56

he does look like he is losing the plot though unshaved skinny and has a funny look in his eyes grin

kerstina Fri 29-Nov-13 10:39:05

I missed that bit that he disturbed Lucy story I think our puppy was going to the toilet on the carpet at that particular point!

MonkeysInTheFog Fri 29-Nov-13 10:42:51

Kerstina I agree.

I like Matthew but thought he made a bit of a twit of himself trying to stir everyone into rebellion.....but thinking about it it could well be all in the editing.

It was presented as him being the only one bothered about the heat, ranting on while the others stood around silently looking awkward but it would be very easy to edit the whole thing to make him look bad. I'll be interested to hear his take on it.

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