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I'm a celebrity.

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neiljames77 Sun 17-Nov-13 08:24:15

Who'll be the toxic, acidic character this year? There's always at least one. I don't usually watch the reality stuff but I quite like this.

Maryz Sun 17-Nov-13 21:01:18

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

thistlelicker Sun 17-Nov-13 21:01:34

Testin testing 1 2 3

WalkingtoFarAhead Sun 17-Nov-13 21:02:07

Im watching. its the only reality tv show I watch.

TSSDNCOP Sun 17-Nov-13 21:02:55

I say it every year. But I'd rather eat the bush tucker trial than eat that Iceland shite.

TSSDNCOP Sun 17-Nov-13 21:03:47

Why has that bell end got his shirt all buttoned up?

thistlelicker Sun 17-Nov-13 21:04:22

Kian to win.... Or Joey!

TSSDNCOP Sun 17-Nov-13 21:05:10

Who is Kian please - genuinely no idea.

thistlelicker Sun 17-Nov-13 21:05:37

From west liofe !

TSSDNCOP Sun 17-Nov-13 21:06:21

Thanks this

A contender for my speed dial of death.

FannyMcNally Sun 17-Nov-13 21:06:59

Why Rebecca, why? I respect people like you. You don't need to lower yourself to this!

TSSDNCOP Sun 17-Nov-13 21:09:05

How white are his teeth?!!?!???

blueemerald Sun 17-Nov-13 21:09:25


FannyMcNally Sun 17-Nov-13 21:10:10

Who's the woman? I wasn't looking when her name came up

LadyBeagleEyes Sun 17-Nov-13 21:10:11

Confront, Joey, Confront.
Confrentate is not a word.

KenDoddsDadsDog Sun 17-Nov-13 21:10:13

Steve Davis was married to my Dad's cousin. He's very nice , but don't think he will lose the label !

thistlelicker Sun 17-Nov-13 21:10:25

Joey gringringringrin con-fron-Tate!!!

thistlelicker Sun 17-Nov-13 21:11:13

She's in emmerdale

hallowisitmeyourelookingfor Sun 17-Nov-13 21:11:36

Where are all their shoes? confused

FannyMcNally Sun 17-Nov-13 21:11:38

Oh ok, thanks

thistlelicker Sun 17-Nov-13 21:12:25

And and dic just make this program for me

AnneEyhtMeyer Sun 17-Nov-13 21:12:40

I love Steve Davis - I think this year is going to be good.

No idea who the teeth guy is.

RoseRedder Sun 17-Nov-13 21:12:44

my son just asked if that is the gut from fresh prince of bel air?

Is it?

Maryz Sun 17-Nov-13 21:13:14

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Maryz Sun 17-Nov-13 21:13:51

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

AnneEyhtMeyer Sun 17-Nov-13 21:14:30

Yes, Rose, Alphonso is Carlton. (Bet he gets called that by accident every day)

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