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Doctors Addicts Anonymous Continued - Halloween high jinks

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MsNobodyAgain Fri 25-Oct-13 15:52:56

This is a thread for all fans of the daily soap 'Doctors'. BBC1, 1.45pm.

So, Halloween is nearly upon us. Which of the Halloween smileys suits the Doctors cast and it's viewers best (bear with me, this is tenuous):

thlsmile - Mandy (FOD), will make a pleasant witch (can we burn her at the stake?)
thlgrin - Karen (Gobby), she's got a mouth that big.
thlsad - Howard (TBFE), tough times for him atm.
thlwink - Heston, you sly old dog you.
thlshock - everyone elses face on hearing about Hestons prowess.
thlenvy - Kevin, in awe of Heston, poor bloke.
thlangry - Barry, on being turned down by his latest love interest.
thlblush - Jimmi, on not realising it's Halloween andthentalkingtooquicklyandquietlytocoveruphisembarrasment
thlconfused and thlhmm - us, the Doctors watchers. WTF?!
thlbiscuit - Mrs T. She doesn't do Halloween.

Regulars, please sign in. Leave your broomsticks by the door. Lurkers, newbies, please join, jump in, ask questions. All welcome grin

WhoKnowsWhereTheSlimeGoes Sat 26-Oct-13 22:25:34

I've just read the spoilers in the Sun TV supplement blush. A possible new romance - won't say who, but they have borrowed our habit of turning two names into one, how many people are reading this thread?!

Zara to me is a cross between two well known posters on MN, but I'm not going to say who (never seen either on this thread and I'm sure never will).

If Mrs T was a MNer she would hang out in Philosophy and Religion and possibly knit Woolly Hugs.

This wind is getting up a bit tonight, we're right in the zone for the storm so had to spend an hour or so securing everything that moves in the garden (there was a lot of it because we are untidy buggers). Feeling sorry for my friend who is doing the Great South Run tomorrow.

Oodisgonnagetya Sat 26-Oct-13 22:47:35

Think I can guess at one who

ClayDavis Sat 26-Oct-13 22:57:24

Not too windy down here yet. Was at Gatwick earlier and the cross winds on the runway made landing 'interesting'.

Trying to work out who the MNers are. I think I've got one. Possibly both.

Oodisgonnagetya Sun 27-Oct-13 18:23:40

Where are you all ? This dropped off my threads?

Sparklingbrook Sun 27-Oct-13 18:25:16

I am here. Half term this week. Keeping up may be problematical. DH has the week off too.

dRaahhcula Sun 27-Oct-13 18:49:26

Hello!!<waves at writers who may be reading> grin

It's not that windy here yet. But the dcs are back at school tomorrow- although it is actually dd2 who is the main dissenter when I try to watch Doctorsgrin

WhoKnowsWhereTheSlimeGoes Sun 27-Oct-13 18:53:06

I'm here, battening down the hatches (Hampshire, not coastal luckily). Half term this week, the DCs are out tomorrow and I'm working at home, but after that I'm unlikely to be able to watch live. All this is assuming we don't get blown away in the night.

MsNobodyAgain Sun 27-Oct-13 19:54:18

I'm here still fucking fuming about the Contact Centre yesterday angry

Plus I've had a disagreement with my sister.
Plus it looks like I've got diabetes on top of my other major health problem.
Plus I'm cold.
Plus it's half term next week... I thought I had better not post until I can be upbeat.

But now I have posted anyway.

<punches door>

cake quick, before I am banned from eating that.


Oodisgonnagetya Sun 27-Oct-13 20:32:25

Throws cake at MsN quickly.
Half term here this week too.

MsNobodyAgain Sun 27-Oct-13 20:51:03

Cheers Ood smile

I think I will watch Fridays episode when DCs are in bed. Might cheer me up.

cinnamongreyhound Sun 27-Oct-13 22:13:44

Half term here too, glad as I don't want to have to go our if the weather is really as bad as they say it's going to be. Lots of my friends have put everything from the garden in sheds and garages shock

Sorry to hear you're having a rubbish time MsNobodyAgain! Not sure I'd cope without cake so here's some for you cake

Horsemad Sun 27-Oct-13 22:35:30

We're back to school tomorrow. News reporter said non essential journeys should be cancelled, so I won't go to work & will stay home to watch Doctors - I'm sure my boss won't mind! grin

Stay safe, those in the 'Storm Zone'.

WhoKnowsWhereTheSlimeGoes Sun 27-Oct-13 23:33:06

Well, we decided to let the DCs sleep in our room tonight (they love to, plus DH and I were a little worried about the very large tree outside their window). I went off to bed with them at about 9 and have had a lovely couple of hours sleep, but then been woken up by DH pottering around (one of the cats was sick and he had to clean up - no idea which one, this is one of the problems with having two of them). DD was sick halfway through the Strictly Results show too, so plans for tomorrow are now all changed regardless of the weather. Cinnamon - we have put everything that can reasonable be moved into the garden shed but mostly it was stuff that would go away for the winter anyway, like toys and the plastic greenhouse.

Chucking it down with rain here, but no wind to speak of yet.

MsN - sorry to hear about the diabetes, is it type 2? DH has had type 1 for about 25 years, obviously we would much rather he didn't, but he does manage it very well and life does go on. It seems unfair that it happens to someone like you who already has such a lot on their plate <hands over diet coke>

MsNobodyAgain Mon 28-Oct-13 12:44:05

Hope everyone is ok today. We are lucky to miss the worst of the weather here. Still a very wet day mind you.

I will miss todays as well as I have to go out. Booooo! Should catch tomorrows live though.

Who it is probably type 2. I haven't been diagnosed yet but I know the signs. I had gestational diabetes controlled by insulin. At the moment my blood glucose is averaging 16mmol per day. Got a blood test on Weds and the results on Monday. I do feel a tad unlucky at the moment but just gotta get on with it. I wish Kevin could come round and prick my finger <snigger>

Hey ho. I feel a need to spend some money today. thlgrin

WhoKnowsWhereTheSlimeGoes Mon 28-Oct-13 12:56:17

I've got DD at home, but I'm going to sneak upstairs and watch while I do a bit of ironing. No storm damage here, DH had to go a long detour to get to work due to fallen trees though. Rained hard all night, but dry and very windy now, I am getting washing out on the line as fast as I can to make the most of it.

oldmywraith Mon 28-Oct-13 13:09:14

Very stormy here, but no damage thankfully.
Sorry to hear your woes MsNo hope you get stuff sorted soon.
Probably not watching 'live' at all this week-but will watch on catch up later.

cinnamongreyhound Mon 28-Oct-13 13:48:03

Oh my goodness, far too much information again!!

cinnamongreyhound Mon 28-Oct-13 13:49:28

Don't criticise another persons desk top!

cinnamongreyhound Mon 28-Oct-13 13:50:18

I do love how people who smoke think opening a window means nobody knows they've been smoking grin

cinnamongreyhound Mon 28-Oct-13 13:51:06

Talking to myself today I think thlgrin

cinnamongreyhound Mon 28-Oct-13 13:52:30

Poor Heston, having his exploits discussed with everyone!

cinnamongreyhound Mon 28-Oct-13 13:53:44

MrsT is being very intolerant of this IT guy thlsad

cinnamongreyhound Mon 28-Oct-13 13:54:49

Very confused by this family.

OodaresingingoftheDoctorDonna Mon 28-Oct-13 14:00:19

I'm here Cinnamon

TMI on Heston. Howard can't really be holding the surgery together.

cinnamongreyhound Mon 28-Oct-13 14:03:09

He's very organised so I can see that he is.

Heston is really getting fed up with her, ah he's a sweetie though thlsmile

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