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Crappy TV alert- REVOLUTION is back!!!!

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anonacfr Sun 20-Oct-13 13:04:14

Tonight at 10 on Sky 1! Now all we need is the Following and autumn's sorted. grin

anonacfr Sun 20-Oct-13 19:41:14

Bumpety bump.

Just for Blondes. grin

VodkaJelly Mon 21-Oct-13 14:47:10

I pretty much gave up on series 1 towards the end but I have sky+ it, so it had better be worth it <shakes fist at script writers>

Blondeshavemorefun Mon 21-Oct-13 16:23:16

im here smile

do i really want to watch this crap tv grin

dollybird Mon 21-Oct-13 22:22:40

The following is back in January. Not sure I can be arsed to watch either really. So much other good stuff on right now

kylesmybaby Tue 22-Oct-13 00:48:32

I love them both. Oh and Broadwalk empire is back on Saturday as well.

cjdamoo Tue 22-Oct-13 01:34:16

ohhh goody I can get the rage at Charlie again

anonacfr Tue 22-Oct-13 23:04:04

So what happened in the first five minutes? I only started recording when Juliet Charlie's mum was moping in the kitchen with her dad.

Blondeshavemorefun Tue 22-Oct-13 23:29:16

Still havnt watched

Got other less crappy things on my planner lol

anonacfr Wed 23-Oct-13 10:03:19

The only good bit was a shirtless Monroe beating the shit out of a random guy in a bookies fight in New Vegas.

Sleepyhead33 Wed 23-Oct-13 11:25:24

ooooo, I love Revolution! I thought I was the only one. My DH refuses to watch it on the grounds that it is absolutely rubbish. It is my proper guilty pleasure of the week (also love Arrow-is that in the same league or is it meant to be good? My radar for good v rubbish is clearly broken!)

Blondeshavemorefun Thu 24-Oct-13 21:53:37

'sighs' still havnt had time to watch hmm grin

is it worth it, or shall i just delete?

TwllBach Thu 24-Oct-13 21:55:10


I missed it

anonacfr Thu 24-Oct-13 23:44:44

Blondes of course it is worth it! Monroe is shirtless and all oiled up beating up some random guy!!!!!

Blondeshavemorefun Fri 25-Oct-13 11:33:31

Oiled up???

Blondes ears and eyes prick up

Naked as well ....

Sleepyhead33 Fri 25-Oct-13 18:29:05

always worth watching for Billy Burke alone! -love him

And agreed, some great Monroe action in this episode.

Blondeshavemorefun Fri 25-Oct-13 22:37:00

I've watched and was crap

Don't rem a naked fight

may have fallen asleep with boredom

Blondeshavemorefun Mon 28-Oct-13 13:12:53

Ok. Still punishin myself and watched last night episode 2

Why did fat bloke with glasses imagine seeing man on floor covered in blood

Why were there lots of rats

Why did no one recognise black bloke who shot other man

Why do I watch this grin

ShipwreckedAndComatose Mon 28-Oct-13 19:23:57

I'm back!!! I knew there would be a thread on this somewhere!!

I've seen just the first episode so far (i liked the oiled Monroe even though I'm a Miles fan at heart!!) It seems to be taking itself even more seriously than in the first series?? Surely a mistake!

ShipwreckedAndComatose Mon 28-Oct-13 20:42:33

Ok.... Now I've seen ep2. I actually <<hushed pause>> quite enjoyed it. thlshock.

That's a turn up for the books and no mistake!

Blondeshavemorefun Mon 28-Oct-13 21:07:49

shipwrecked really??? hmm

Did you understand the rats?

ShipwreckedAndComatose Mon 28-Oct-13 21:09:38

Not a clue!

But at least Charlie has toughened up and Monroe has stopped being whingey!

Blondeshavemorefun Mon 28-Oct-13 21:11:21


IShallWearMidnight Tue 29-Oct-13 08:49:49

do you think the the nanowhatsits are sucking life force from the rats to give to Aaron cos he's their creator? We have enough dodgy science going on anyway, some more won't harm wink.

Is it bad that I liked Bas tied up in the swimming pool? blush grin.

ShipwreckedAndComatose Tue 29-Oct-13 09:31:00

And what's the whole sick Headmaster with the gang of lawless boys and the woman needing blood transfusions to the ditty coming from a jewellery box long past it's best about???

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