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Hayley & Roy - Don't you just Love Them?

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galletti Wed 16-Oct-13 20:44:25

That's it really. Wonderful stuff!

Mrsmindcontrol Wed 16-Oct-13 20:56:38

Yes. They are wonderful. I love & hate this storyline in equal measure. How on earth will Roy cope?

edlyu Wed 16-Oct-13 20:58:56

I have watched with a loony grin while they paddled in the freezing cold sea and cried with big fat tears rolling down my face as they danced in the Tower ballroom .
Perfect .
Absolutely perfect.

rainsofcastersugar Wed 16-Oct-13 21:00:48

Breaking my bloody heart here...they are so fabulous. I will be bereft when she goes sad

Mrsmindcontrol Wed 16-Oct-13 21:01:16

Such great acting too. So much more sensitively done than any shite you'd see on EE!

Valpollicella Wed 16-Oct-13 21:04:54

I don't waych ot anymore but I remember when the sex change storyline played out. so well done and really brought it into the public whdn (even in the 90s) it was all so taboo

Feel like I shout watch now just to say bye sad

insummeritrains Wed 16-Oct-13 21:43:53

The dance in the ballroom - so moving! The actor who plays Roy is amazing, incredibly believable.

sonlypuppyfat Wed 16-Oct-13 21:45:55

Its been a proper love story.

scratchandsniff Wed 16-Oct-13 21:48:34

Love them! They've got to go down in history as one of the best on-screen couples ever.

LittleMissWise Wed 16-Oct-13 21:50:58

I can't bare the fact that Hayley is going to die. Roy is going to be brokensad.

I watched them on TM and was almost in tears. DS1(18) was hmm "FGS mum get a grip! It's fiction!" But it's so sad.

dandydorset Wed 16-Oct-13 22:00:17

all these messages sum it up

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