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Heads Up! Made in Chelsea back tomorrow.

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Sparklysilversequins Sun 13-Oct-13 14:30:22

Will Spencer be an aggressive chunky monkey or a spiteful skinny Minnie? His weight seems to alternate between the two each series.
Will Tiny Tears and Andy Pandy still be together?
Will Biscuits have gained any self awareness whatsoever?
Proudlock, will he be nice Proudlock or Girlfriend Stealing Proudlock this series?
Will the interchangeable Phoebe and her two horrible blonde friends still be bitching at the dumped Lucy Watson?
Sadly Millie has ridden off into the sunset with Prof Green sad.

Tomorrow on E4 at 10!

BlatantRedhead Fri 03-Jan-14 16:29:44

Spencer has left? How can that be, when they practically base the whole show around him and his psychotic need to mindfuck control the rest of the cast?? And who will the Daily Mail write about now?

PharaohQueen Fri 03-Jan-14 11:20:54

I will miss Phoebe more than Spencer, he was painful to watch.

AlwaysOneMissing Fri 03-Jan-14 07:47:48

Spencer has left??!! Nooooooooo!
I loved watched the smarmy sleaze do his work! What a shame.
And phoebe will be missed too, she was also good to watch.
It will be very different next season then.
Although as Lucy & Jamie rode off in the horse & carriage, Spencer did shout "see you in season 7!" So that suggests he is returning?

ThunderbumsMum Thu 02-Jan-14 22:17:30

I think Spencer has also left, no? The next series is going to be really boring.

Stila Thu 02-Jan-14 15:26:15

According to her twitter , Phoebe wasn't there because she has left the show .
Her eye rolling will be missed !

dontcallmemam Thu 02-Jan-14 09:47:04

<stamps foot>
I want them to live happily every after.
A MIC wedding? It would be so over the top especially if Binky's mum was arranging

minibmw2010 Thu 02-Jan-14 09:27:33

I think the Alex/Binky thing will be OK. I've seen quotes from her in the press recently where she said they're doing well, v happy, etc. I think they edit it with lots of pensive looks to try and spice up a relatively boring storyline. A happy couple? Oh let's try and make that look a bit tricky. It's not such good TV when they're happy is it smile

AlwaysOneMissing Thu 02-Jan-14 08:03:00

Oh I hope Victoria does stay in. She's great to watch! Not much personality, just constant one liners and bitchiness. But I reckon she's not the only spoilt rich brat to act like this, there must be several dotted about London!
And yes, Lucy and biscuits was boring, and I also think he had a point, if Lucy dumped him straight after the horse & carriage scene, why shouldn't he act single?! She didn't want him, but she liked him chasing her I think.

It seemed like Binky and Alex were still together didn't it, they were sitting together.
I just presumed phoebe had work commitments or something so couldn't make it (but would love to hear a more scandalous reason!).
Ooh do report back any gossip mignonette!!

dontcallmemam Thu 02-Jan-14 07:43:01

Did Binkie & Alex get interviewed? I'd like to know if they're still together.
I reckon it'll be goodbye to Victoria. I can't see she brings anything to MIC, she doesn't even like anyone apart from soppy fashion girl & MF.

ThunderbumsMum Thu 02-Jan-14 04:20:56

It was rubbish. Apart from Victoria looking increasingly uncomfortable with everyone hating her. Why wasn't Phoebe there?

Mignonette Wed 01-Jan-14 21:11:15

My husbands daughter was at the end of series party. Am awaiting news of the disconnect between what actually happened and what the episode 'said' happened.

PeanutPatty Wed 01-Jan-14 21:07:21

I watched!

Victoria made herself look a plum particularly with her comments about "we are all made to be here".

Andy's singing got on my wick as did TT's brother.

Biscuits and Watson's interview wasn't worth the airtime it got.

AlwaysOneMissing Wed 01-Jan-14 20:25:32

Did anyone watch the End of Series party?
Victoria tried to be nice but then still came across as a bitch!
And I thought Lucy seemed a little arrogant (as much as I do love her).

ThunderbumsMum Thu 26-Dec-13 00:43:07

Btw, does anyone think Proudlock looks a bit like Edward Snowden?

ThunderbumsMum Thu 26-Dec-13 00:25:51

Mark Francis has such lovely manners and Victoria has such terrible manners. I thought she looked very disconcerted when Cheska confronted her at the ice rink, that should happen more often.

PeanutPatty Wed 25-Dec-13 22:40:33

I'm not sure MF really has his place in MIC any more? Where has Francis been this series?

ChaffinchOfDoom Wed 25-Dec-13 19:39:26

I do like Phoebe but think she was unreasonable to Fran.. she was too possessive over Alex, but Fran did mess up a tad bitching her off at every opportunity. hope they are as entertaining as friends.

Victoria was stupidly rude. bet Mark-Francis will have considered that to be too chavvy she lost her cool ice maiden thing and looked weak.

YoureBeingASillyBilly Tue 24-Dec-13 11:38:51

I also enjoy spencer- i dont like him but he is funny to watch. Very funny him talking to the horse! grin

Binky and alex is so obviously doomed. He cant say anything without her narrowing her eyes and getting jealous. Its so awkward to watch.

I like pheobe. I dont know what happened to make them all fall out but im glad she's being included now.

sparklysilversequins Tue 24-Dec-13 09:44:53

Alex is not feeling it with Binks is he? He's reached the dangerous "meh" 3 month point.

Victoria shock what a vile, vicious person and her awful giggly mate egging her on, horrible. Poor Cheska sad. I think more people should have stood up for her. It was awful.

Louise has definitely moved on but Andy is still hankering.

Stevie and Poppy, sweet but dull but I do still adore Stevie, so funny when he fell over running away from carrying the tree.

Lucy and Biscuits, it's not going to happen, he does not love her as evidenced by his monotonous repetition of claiming to. No one who is really in love has to convince everyone surely? It's obvious.

Spencer, I can't help but find him funny and like watching him, sorry blush.

Glad Fran and Phoebe made up.

PeanutPatty Tue 24-Dec-13 09:16:59

Victoria went from saying very little throughout the series to the extreme of a complete and utter vicious bitch. I'm not a Cheska fan but she did not deserve that slaying. Even the boys looked gobsmacked at all the chaos.

The Jamie and Lucy bit at the end was a bit cringe. I reckon Alex will dump Binks.

deepfriedsage Tue 24-Dec-13 03:02:08

Seriously starvation can mess with the brains functioning. Lucy could do with a burger herself.

JaceyBee Tue 24-Dec-13 00:56:06

Maybe a good square meal would help her not to be such a bitch!

JaceyBee Tue 24-Dec-13 00:54:06

Was so wrong but quite funny when Lucy called her anorexic! She clearly is, the poor girl

YoureBeingASillyBilly Tue 24-Dec-13 00:36:02


It was hideous. I was actually cringeing for her even though she's so unlikeable. Has she no concept of what people think of her?

ThatIsIt Tue 24-Dec-13 00:30:56

Victoria did not come out of the episode tonight looking good.

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