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Heads Up! Made in Chelsea back tomorrow.

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Sparklysilversequins Sun 13-Oct-13 14:30:22

Will Spencer be an aggressive chunky monkey or a spiteful skinny Minnie? His weight seems to alternate between the two each series.
Will Tiny Tears and Andy Pandy still be together?
Will Biscuits have gained any self awareness whatsoever?
Proudlock, will he be nice Proudlock or Girlfriend Stealing Proudlock this series?
Will the interchangeable Phoebe and her two horrible blonde friends still be bitching at the dumped Lucy Watson?
Sadly Millie has ridden off into the sunset with Prof Green sad.

Tomorrow on E4 at 10!

StillaNortherner Tue 15-Oct-13 09:00:33

Phoebe's like a frigging child. I liked her at first but that quickly changed.
How is that Cheska is mates with Fran when Fran, Phoebe and the one whose name I can't remember we're bitches to Binky. When Binky was friends with someone Cheska didn't like she got in a right mood! Bloody interfering cow.

MintyChops Tue 15-Oct-13 09:36:31

Phoebe is a dick, she acts like she's still at school.

Sparklysilversequins Tue 15-Oct-13 09:50:44

I love Stevie too he's the only emotionally intelligent one among them.

Cheska is not looking great is she? Obviously Binks has moved on to a much more fun friendship with Lucy.

Spencer is a total arse but so watchable, looking forward to Stephanie Pratt (The Hills! grin) joining the ensemble next week.

DID Louise dance around topless? It just seems so unlikely. Quite liked her little brother, he seemed to have her back.

I actually agree a bit with Phobe about Fran. Of ALL the men in their friendship group, why him?

Still18atheart Tue 15-Oct-13 09:51:42

I predict that either Miffy or Freddie will go on a date with Cheska, and that Stevie and Binky will go on out for drinks at some point.

Sparklysilversequins Tue 15-Oct-13 09:54:29

OMG Freddie's teeth!


Miffy/Muffy grin.

kcumber Tue 15-Oct-13 10:02:41

does anyone else wish the "scenes created for entertainment" would involve Louise someone being killed off?

ChocChaffinch Tue 15-Oct-13 10:14:23

steveie and binkie would be great, was thinking that.

Rosie seems like a random add on character to me, full of mean stirry opinions..
cheska is value in rows, she isn't scared to have a go
phoebe-lettuce is a ridiculous baddie, she's acting being mean Fran and Olivia are her clique of blondes, I like Olivia, she is beautiful and refined Fran is in the music industry I think. Why do they have such weird claims on their exes? wouldn't give a shit what m exes were doing..

Lucy Watson. Do like her. Spender is a major idiot. when he was ranting about people poking their nose into others' business...and then went and did exactly that...
oh and his egotistic therapy sesh - in business, life whatever, everything is always gonna be ok. Er, yeah it tends to be when daddy is a millionaire

Still18atheart Tue 15-Oct-13 10:15:49

grin at Muffy
I was just thinking what the new people's nn could be

MarshaBrady Tue 15-Oct-13 10:16:02

Lucy is brill. Her face when Louise was crying again. And at the same time being really awful to her. It was only a rebound.

Spencer was full on when he started going out with Lucy. And she wasn't sure. Such a nobend.

ChocChaffinch Tue 15-Oct-13 10:18:58

all I can think is that Spenny has a massive nob, and picks up the bill everywhere, and pays for holidays.... must be the only reasons girls like him..
he has the look of the buffalo for me, slightly wall-eyed, odd rodent-y front teeth
love andy. Andy and Stevie are the best of the guys.
Biscuit boy (!) and Proudlock are V odd.
Adore Boulle, he's a natural comedian. Still visualising him in the desert riding the arab stallion (fans self)

ChocChaffinch Tue 15-Oct-13 10:24:02

the trail for the next ep seems to be spenny & spratt <hoping this isn't an 'in' for Heidi and Spencer>
then double dating with andy and louise...WHYYYYY!
and then and then proudlock & Jamie telling spencer he will get back with Louise in the end, and spencer doing his 'faux innocent buffalo look' while his ego expands a little more

MarshaBrady Tue 15-Oct-13 10:25:07

Proudlock's hair. No no

fromparistoberlin Tue 15-Oct-13 10:30:12

think that Louiseis emotionally unstabke, surely it cant be healthy for her tio stay on the show? her Mum needs to have a word

and Andy, poor Andy in his very EA relationship

had to laugh at !Louise stayed at the party and was TOPLESS", are they like 15!!!????

HighBrows Tue 15-Oct-13 10:35:10

Isn't it just a brilliantly awful programme, they are all wankers! Steve is actually the only 'normal' one.

Did anyone pick up on the scabs around Spencer's lip? I reckon he got an STI well whoring about. He really gets under his love interests skin. Lucy couldn't be bothered with him in the beginning and then bang she's in love. He literally turns normal people into utter nuts. I'd run aike from him.

Phoebe is beyond awful.

There wasn't enough Mark Francis, he is the top wanker but very amusing to watch.

hardboiledpossum Tue 15-Oct-13 10:36:21

Yes, who the hell gets topless at a party at their age?! It's bizarre, I can't quite believe it but she didn't seem to be denying it.

ChocChaffinch Tue 15-Oct-13 10:44:07

mmm the ''mutual friend'' who told Lucy that little story may have embellished.. but if you have a nice guy you don't really stay out all night and 'lose 5 phones'
spencer annoying with his asserting 'louise never did that to me''

HighBrows Tue 15-Oct-13 10:55:04

Oh the new guys can we call Freddy Jaws from the James Bond movies, those teeth, there's just too many!!!

As for Miffy I wanna call him Stiffy grin

Jaws and Stiffy!

vjg13 Tue 15-Oct-13 11:08:08

It should be renamed the Spencer Show, there was far too many scenes with him in. Poor, poor Andy.

TigOldBitties Tue 15-Oct-13 11:25:18

I think Jaws and Muff are definitely good nicknames.

The entire episode left me baffled.

I think Lucy did well not to swill Spencer on sight.

ChocChaffinch Tue 15-Oct-13 11:54:44

none of the new stockbroker -tpes ever fancy Binkie do they. she does need some love interest and a storyline of her own instead of 'support to Lucy'

ChocChaffinch Tue 15-Oct-13 12:12:54

bit of nasty stuff in DM about Miffy

RunRabbit Tue 15-Oct-13 12:15:00

Phoebe gives me stabby rage, especially when she eye rolls.

I like Fran hope she gets together with Alex.

ChocChaffinch Tue 15-Oct-13 12:21:43

full ep in pics from DM

smellslikemeanspirit Tue 15-Oct-13 14:25:41

Did anybody else cringe every time Louise said, upon entering a convo- 'Whaddup?'.....

vjg13 Tue 15-Oct-13 14:44:51

Phoebe has a mad glint when her ex is mentioned!

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