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CBeebies birthday card - please help!

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Mumtaz Fri 30-Jun-06 15:33:42

This is kind of a long shot but I would be grateful if someone could help.

I sent a card to CBeebies for my daughter to be shown on her birthday, 30 May 2006, but it was not shown on the CBeebies channel on that day. I initially thought that the card had simply not been shown but a friend of mine said she saw the card on CBeebies, possibly on 29 May.

I am really gutted that I missed the showing of the card, so if anyone has by chance recorded the BBC2 or CBeebies channel birthday time on 29 May and/or the 30 May 2006 birthday time on BBC2, I would be extremely grateful if you would check if my daughter's card is shown in it. If so, I would be more than grateful for a copy. My daughter's name is Fatema and her card was a Balamory card. I would be willing to pay any expenses incurred.

Thanks in advance.

P.S. In case you are wondering, it's taken me a month to post this request as I have only just got internet access.

surprise Mon 03-Jul-06 21:56:50

Sorry, can't help you, but felt sorry that no one had replied! Maybe bumping this will help. Hope you manage to find a copy. If not, try contacting your local BBC station. I used to work for a TV company, and we could provide VHS copies of items for £25, but if people were really nice when they phoned, we did it "on the quiet" for the price of a blank tape. A long shot, but well worth a try.

MadamePlatypus Tue 04-Jul-06 13:01:04

I am always wondering about this. Has anybody else sent a card in to CBeebies? I always worry about the people who sent in cards but weren't shown.

Mumtaz Wed 12-Jul-06 17:01:39

Thanks surprise and MadamePlatypus for your messages. Before posting my original message, I did contact the BBC and despite being really nice, they were unable to help me. Apparently, it is not possible for them to make domestic recordings from the professional systems they use. I have posted my message on a few other sites so hopefully I will have some luck there. Wish me luck!

joham Sun 17-Jun-07 13:44:26

After years of trying we finally got a card on cbeebies but have lost the only copy we had. My little boy is really upset. Does anyone have a recording on the birthdays shown on Saturday 2nd June at about 8 am just before big cook little cook.

Would be most grateful for anyone who can help or has an idea where I can get this from.


murfmum Thu 18-Mar-10 23:18:55

We missed our 4 year old's birthday card being read out on CBeebies on Tuesday 16th March 2010. We would be so happy if someone could help please! Yours in hope xxx

bert74 Fri 19-Mar-10 20:12:10

I remember seeing this in the 'party/celebrations' section. Apparently a guy has found loads of Cbeebies Birthdays that peolpe have missed. Log onto
I haven't used it myself but it must be worth a try.
Hope you all get lucky.

CaptainNonSequitur Mon 22-Mar-10 21:04:17

Murfmum, my daughter's was read out on 16th march- we have only saved the one where hers was read out I think it was at 12.10pm ish, if you let me know your DCs first name we might be lucky?

CaptainNonSequitur Mon 22-Mar-10 21:33:41

Oh, DH just checked and there are no 4 year olds on there, very sorry! Hope the blog or maybe youtube can help.

Anteateruk Tue 17-Aug-10 00:24:00

Hi, wonder if anyone can help with this - we sent a card in to be read out for our 2 year old on 10th August 2010, but the recording went wrong so we don't even know if it was read out.

I'd be really grateful if anyone has a recording they could check for me..

Jade24 Fri 27-May-11 16:35:22

Please can anyone help us find a copy of my sons 1st birthday card being read out on cbeebies friday 20th may 2011????
We went to watch it on the iplayer but it had expired sad
I'm so upset as we worked so hard on it and never thought they would show it

HannahO18 Fri 30-Sep-11 23:54:27

Hi ladies! We were lucky enough to get our little girl's 1st birthday card on CBeebies on Tuesday 20th September 2011, however our sky+ box died today before we could tranfer it to DVD!! We are devastated as you can imagine. It's too late for us to get it from the iplayer so our only hope is that someone else has a copy. So please, please contact me if you do have a copy or you know someone else that does, I will pay any costs. Many thanks

SeenButNotHeard Sat 01-Oct-11 10:40:02

Hannah018 I would start a new thread if I were you, perhaps in Chat.

Sorry I can't help, but good luck.

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