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Horsemad Tue 08-Oct-13 22:02:40

Did anyone watch? Wasn't their 8yr old just gorgeous? When offered 3 wishes, he only wanted things to improve his mum&dad's & siblings' life. What a sweetie.

EmbroideredCloths Tue 08-Oct-13 22:10:48

I saw this. He was utterly gorgeous. It was a really lovely episode. I cried with the mum when she saw the improved house.

MintChocAddict Tue 08-Oct-13 22:10:48

I've only just pulled myself together. The Mum had me welling up frequently. Lovely family and very deserving of a fab house. Little Reuben's reaction in his new bedroom got me going and Harry was just a wee star.

beingsuper Tue 08-Oct-13 22:10:51

Yes I watched it. Am home alone tonight sobbing. Hana was absolutely inspiring and all 3 boys were gorgeous. Reuben made me melt. What a wonderful family. Don't you just want good things for them.

whoneedssleepanyway Tue 08-Oct-13 22:11:45

I cried, the mother was so calm and lovely and the twins were beautiful. The 8 year old was such a lovely thoughtful boy.

tunnocksteacake Tue 08-Oct-13 22:13:30

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Horsemad Tue 08-Oct-13 22:15:32

What a lovely family. I've had a few glasses of wine and was really choked watching the 'reveal'.

mignonette Tue 08-Oct-13 22:19:02

This programme gets DH and me every episode. A real tearjerker.

verytellytubby Wed 09-Oct-13 08:40:06

I sobbed. And wowed to never moan about my (healthy) twins again!

frostyfingers Wed 09-Oct-13 14:30:09

I cried - such raw emotion and so open and honest about everything. I thought Harry was a star, what a huge role he has and how proud his mum and dad must be. Fabulous transformation (although I did wonder about the drama about the sizes of the doors for wheelchairs - would have thought that would be an obvious thing to establish during the design stage!) and I hope that it cuts down some of the stress for them. (I also secretly hope that someone watching gives the dad a job he can do more locally...)

BooCanary Wed 09-Oct-13 20:06:12

I quite often find DIY SOS a bit cheesy, with Nick Knowles' earnest discussions with the families coming over a bit staged. But this episode had me floored. What a lovely family. Totally bawled my eyes out!

Noggie Wed 09-Oct-13 20:13:45

Harry was amazing- I was in tears several times. Really hope the dad gets a job closer to home soon. Hana was so honest I just can't begin to imagine how tough life is for her.

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