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CBB - the final week

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AnneEyhtMeyer Sun 08-Sep-13 22:07:43

Will we get through it without any deletions? grin

RedPencils Fri 13-Sep-13 22:22:03

Steady well paid job on the biggest soap vs getting your tits out and doing reality shit? Was her manager drunk during that meeting.

AnneEyhtMeyer Fri 13-Sep-13 22:24:56

Yes. She even had her nipple out a minute ago. She must have that written into her contract.

oldsilver Fri 13-Sep-13 22:35:20

I am sat here like this >>>> shock what new horror is this ???

The presenters were the last ones on T4 ... when it got scrapped, I think.

Yep, next time I turn up late for work by an hour and a half, I too shall use the excuse it was because my hair and make up took too long.

How long does it take to do a pony tail - hang on I'll time me doing it <<countdown music>> ... 4 seconds with a rather fetching red scrunchie!

AnneEyhtMeyer Fri 13-Sep-13 22:45:02

Yes, my hair and make-up takes at least an hour and a half. It makes me so upset that I am always late through no fault of my own because of it. hmm

I can't believe I am saying this, but I am sat here starting to feel a bit sorry for Lauren.

I keep thinking what Emma said about her living with her parents and spending all her time with her family.

She's leaving one prison and entering another, isn't she?

AnneEyhtMeyer Fri 13-Sep-13 22:56:20

Right, 5 minutes to go - time to wake up again everybody!

I wonder if Vicky has slapped Carol yet? She looked like she was itching to when Carol was being interviewed.

thornrose Fri 13-Sep-13 22:58:04

I put my head back on the sofa and was nearly off then.

Here we go.

Catwoman12 Fri 13-Sep-13 22:59:22

Keep me posted ladies, I'm heavily preggo and can't be bothered going down stairs to watch who wins grin laying on my bed relying on your commentary !!

Wooo Abz to win!!! X

RedPencils Fri 13-Sep-13 23:02:33

We're back. Abz to win.

thornrose Fri 13-Sep-13 23:03:15

Abz Abz Abz Abz

AnneEyhtMeyer Fri 13-Sep-13 23:03:16

Oh, here we go!

RedPencils Fri 13-Sep-13 23:04:27


thornrose Fri 13-Sep-13 23:04:35

Booooo sad

AnneEyhtMeyer Fri 13-Sep-13 23:04:40


I'm amazed the boring one didn't win as per usual on BB.

Jellykat Fri 13-Sep-13 23:05:09


AnneEyhtMeyer Fri 13-Sep-13 23:05:22

Remember, ladies, Lauren didn't win, therefore it doesn't really matter!

Sparklysilversequins Fri 13-Sep-13 23:06:56

I wish Abz had won, he's just SO lovely.

AnneEyhtMeyer Fri 13-Sep-13 23:07:33

Abz has suddenly discovered how to talk.

thornrose Fri 13-Sep-13 23:08:36

It does to me (over invested in this blush)

oldsilver Fri 13-Sep-13 23:08:58

I HAD dozed off ... about 5 minutes ago - the screaming woke me up.

Jellykat Fri 13-Sep-13 23:08:58

Blimey - a whole conversation from Abz.. like big sentences n' everyfink innit guy ?!!

AnneEyhtMeyer Fri 13-Sep-13 23:09:08

"Celebrities at the peak of their performance" hmm. I think he may still be on drugs.

RedPencils Fri 13-Sep-13 23:12:17

He talks! A lot! And he's all lively and animated! Who knew?

AnneEyhtMeyer Fri 13-Sep-13 23:12:46

If he had been this talkative in the house he would have won hands down.

Jellykat Fri 13-Sep-13 23:15:20

Beautiful girlfriend, he's a sweetie.. hope he gets enough money for a home out of this somehow.

timidviper Fri 13-Sep-13 23:17:58

Where the hell is that accent from though?

Well I'm glad my children are grown up and not likely to be influenced by celebrity lifestyles like Charlotte's

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