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Downton Abbey. Yay!

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motherto4 Sun 08-Sep-13 00:11:29

Totally irrelevant as it's probably a couple of weeks till it airs - but - just wanted to say...

Can't wait!!!

Maybe a discussion about what may happen? I don't know. Some link before it starts.

Ok, now I'm sounding a tad obsessive!

HeartsTrumpDiamonds Sun 08-Sep-13 00:14:27

I am totally excited! DH and I watched the last Christmas episode the other night - I had already seen it but he hadn't for some reason - but he already knew about the shock ending.

Do you think it will pick up where it left off or will it be a year or two later?

motherto4 Sun 08-Sep-13 00:45:45

I saw an interview on the itv website stating it's 6 months after the tragedy.

MissMarplesBloomers Sun 08-Sep-13 02:25:59

We had quite a gang here for the last few series.... count me in the Ridiculously Excited camp!

OldRoan Sun 08-Sep-13 09:12:53

Ooh yay! Apparently they've locked the actors into 2 year contracts so there can't be anymore dramatic exits being squished in ruining Christmas.

TensionWheelsCoolHeels Sun 08-Sep-13 09:17:24

I've been watching the re-runs of the other series' on itv3 (I missed the 1st series completely) and its amazing how utterly ridiculous the stories are when run together so quickly. Mr Bates is a dodgy geezer. Fact. grin

Asheth Mon 09-Sep-13 12:56:38

Can't wait! I love Downton. I get excited every time I see the trailer!

LittleAbruzzenBear Mon 09-Sep-13 13:18:42

Mary gets a new love interest, I'll bet on it. I hope Edith 'flies' in this series. It never ends happily for her. Their cousin is obviously in it to replace Sybil. I know Downton isn't historically accurate, but I couldn't give a fig. I'll watch the brill Mary Beard if I want a history doc. It's a nice programme to watch and much as I liked watching Luther and Broadchurch, light froth is good.

KoalaFace Mon 09-Sep-13 13:22:56

I love Downton! I'm so excited!

Even though it has been full of misery. I'm hoping for things to be a bit more cheerful now.

MasterOfTheYoniverse Mon 09-Sep-13 13:38:18

My ideal scenario would be to send mary and child to New york to find a filthy rich husband and become the queen of society " a la edith warthon" I'd throw in the dowager lady grantham locking horns with shirkey mc lane for good measure.
Meanwhile Edith would be wooed by a cynical peniless hungarian royal and desilusinned, do her coming out in paris among the hemingway set. Or maybe become a foreign correspondent in the spanish civil war?

LittleAbruzzenBear Mon 09-Sep-13 13:53:59

Master you should nudge Julian Fellows off writing duties and replace him - I'd love your version!

diddl Mon 09-Sep-13 16:04:29

I'm sure that it'll be too Mary-centric for my liking!

I think that she has about three guys after her, doesn't she?

I do keep hoping for a storyline for Edith!

eddiemairswife Mon 09-Sep-13 18:01:54

Is Shirley Maclaine going to be in it again? I didn't think much of her part last time.

upsetatschoolpickup Mon 09-Sep-13 18:03:07

It starts on 22 September. 6 months after the tragedy and yes to Shirley MacLaine.

TensionWheelsCoolHeels Mon 09-Sep-13 18:20:27

Is the dowager going to be in this one much? I thought I read that maggie smith wasn't up for as heavy a workload. She's just brilliant too. Love her!

OldRoan Mon 09-Sep-13 19:08:44

I'm convinced Rose will be paired off with Branson at some point.

MissMarplesBloomers Sun 15-Sep-13 17:34:50

Apparently no deaths "just yet" and Lady Edith gets to have her wicked way with her nice editor. <wahay>

The roaring 20's & scandals galore, marvellous!!!!

HeartsTrumpDiamonds Sun 15-Sep-13 21:32:43

Someone remind me what is up with Nice Editor's wife? Is she non compos mentis somewhere?

ZingWantsCake Sun 15-Sep-13 21:37:13

it's on the 22nd if I'm correct!


MissMarplesBloomers Mon 16-Sep-13 04:06:55

Hearts I think that's the inference but don't remember exactly.

MissMarplesBloomers Mon 16-Sep-13 13:45:52

aha Hearts

After extensive googling research I found this!

"In the previous series, a despairing Edith, played by Laura Carmichael, had appeared to resist the charms of Mr Gregson, played by Charles Edwards, insisting there could be no future for them as a couple after discovering his secret – a wife in a mental asylum whom he cannot divorce."

oooh all very Jane Eyre!!

HeartsTrumpDiamonds Mon 16-Sep-13 15:43:53

Ooooh MissMarple - thank you - 'tis very gothic Victorian is it not?

Insane wife in a mental asylum. Poor woman, she probably just needs some mood stabilizers and perhaps an anti-psychotic or two grin

There but for the grace of God etc.

PolkadotsAndMoonbeams Mon 16-Sep-13 16:52:01

Was the baby named at the end of the last series? I was wondering if they'd used George after the new baby prince, or whether it was decided before.

diddl Mon 16-Sep-13 17:01:24

No, I don't think it was.

And six months on?

JF doesn't do funerals, does he??

ZingWantsCake Tue 17-Sep-13 14:01:32

I read somewhere that the script was written with the baby being named George months before Royal baby was born. so it is a coincidence (apparently)

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