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Strictly fans over here!!

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FamiliesShareGerms Sat 07-Sep-13 18:59:38

who do we think will be the early favourites? Who will get to the grand finale? Who will turn most orange?

It's starting now and I am very excited...!

TSSDNCOP Sat 07-Sep-13 19:26:51

Settles down with a blissful sigh. The puns are coming thick and fast already.

The littler new dancer looks like Mark Owen.

sailorsgal Sat 07-Sep-13 19:27:15

No Natalie either.

MrsJoyfulPrizeForRafiaWork Sat 07-Sep-13 19:27:26

Hmm, no I think the band are, and always have been, pretty rough.

FamiliesShareGerms Sat 07-Sep-13 19:27:30

DH and DS will be disappointed that Natalie is injured this year

Crutchlow35 Sat 07-Sep-13 19:28:02

Flavia isn't doing it this year. Neither is Vincent n

RaspberrySnowCone Sat 07-Sep-13 19:29:09

Did the make up artist who did the joker from batman get hired for the pro girls this year? What is going on??!

sailorsgal Sat 07-Sep-13 19:29:52

Ola looked pleased..

Bowlersarm Sat 07-Sep-13 19:30:13

HRH so that's not a good thing, right, for Matthew? It just seemed one minute he was there, the next he wasn't and no explanation.

Anton has got to get Vanessa hasn't he?

HRHwheezing Sat 07-Sep-13 19:30:36

Dr casualty with anya, holly oaks bloke with ola, Julian with Janet new dancer,

RippingYarns Sat 07-Sep-13 19:30:44


it's really difficult for a band to play music to dance too, they have to be 110% with timing etc - this band is awesome for that

Sparklingbrook Sat 07-Sep-13 19:30:52

Julien McDonald will be annoying.

HRHwheezing Sat 07-Sep-13 19:32:26

Not really bowler tony jacklin in with aliona.
I liked matthew

cardibach Sat 07-Sep-13 19:33:42

Well I enjoy them (the band)! I do have some experience of music too...

thenightsky Sat 07-Sep-13 19:34:19

woooow... I'm here!

<settles in with wine>

BigW Sat 07-Sep-13 19:34:21

Yeah, I also reckon Anton will get Vanessa. Vincent and Flavia are my absolute favourites. Massively disappointed they're not in it this year sad

HRHwheezing Sat 07-Sep-13 19:36:08

How many of us actually like Abbie crotch?

MrsJoyfulPrizeForRafiaWork Sat 07-Sep-13 19:36:57

Well, try not let my opinion spoil your enjoyment, eh? grin

TSSDNCOP Sat 07-Sep-13 19:38:10

Oh god not Abby Crotch again. Famous only for being thin.

Susannah will out-diva even Vanessa I reckon.

Sparklingbrook Sat 07-Sep-13 19:38:35

Susanna Reid is lovely, and very pretty.

TSSDNCOP Sat 07-Sep-13 19:40:44

And very determined Sparkling

RippingYarns Sat 07-Sep-13 19:41:17

whoop whoop for Anton!

Oohh, will James get Vanessa? He won't be happy.

TSSDNCOP Sat 07-Sep-13 19:41:33

Who dressed Vanessa as a boiled egg?

FamiliesShareGerms Sat 07-Sep-13 19:41:49

Was Tess's swingers comment to Tony Jacklin a dig at some of the celebs or just a mindless comment?

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