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is there a Dexter thread?

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buss Sat 07-Sep-13 13:06:41

can't find one...anyone?

aliciaflorrick Tue 17-Sep-13 06:10:08

Hopefully he'll go after Hannah next week.

I really want a happy ending for Debs.

The Mail website keeps running hints on the end at the moment, I've stopped reading all Dexter related stories. Apparently fans won't like the ending and that it can only end one way. I'm pretty convinced now that Dexter is going to die, but I don't want it to be Vogel's son that kills him.

On a different note, I have always found the opening credits to Dexter very disturbing and really can't watch them, particularly the bit at the end where the t-shirt goes over his face. They do actually freak me out more than the gory murders.

buss Tue 17-Sep-13 08:27:56

Oh god yes the opening credits! It's the cutting up the ham I don't like.

Perhaps Angel will kill Dexter? He's the only one that I could accept doing it I think!

DuelingFanjo Tue 17-Sep-13 10:45:19

yaarrghh - I am Soooo annoyed with the stupidity of Dexter and his sister in this last series. The plot is so full of holes.

Blondeshavemorefun Tue 17-Sep-13 14:23:51

Can't believe Vogel is dead !!!

Sexter dexter has to die and maybe on a slab with plastic all around him

Naughty Harrison not doing as told

HighBrows Mon 23-Sep-13 11:10:37

Did you all watch it last night? What an utter mess.

This season has been so slow and Dexter hasn't killed anyone, what's that all about....?

I can't wait for this to finally finish.

TensionWheelsCoolHeels Mon 23-Sep-13 11:24:03

You could see that coming a mile off. I think Dexter is the one who is going to end up in the electric chair at the end, cos he's made the wrong decision about killing/leaving for a new life with Hannah. It has been clunky and a bit muddled in getting to this point IMO. I have loved Dexter from the beginning, but I'm disappointed with how this is unravelling. Vogel should have been floating in and out from the beginning, then this last story would have had more credence. I can't decide if Batista will have to shoot Dexter in the end (possibly finding his sister Jaime dead) or if he'll be laid bare as a serial killer to Miami PD with all his colleagues in shock/disgust etc at what he is. Whatever happens, I don't think there's a happy ever after story for Dexter.

moogy1a Mon 23-Sep-13 12:55:45

Why hasn't Hannah cut her hair and dyed it dark?
I agree very disappointing series.
at least we don't have to watch the wooden Vogel any more

aliciaflorrick Mon 23-Sep-13 18:49:28

I love Dexter but I've just found this whole final series really disappointing.

DuelingFanjo Mon 23-Sep-13 20:15:00

Can't wait for next week when I can actually discuss this. shock

TensionWheelsCoolHeels Mon 23-Sep-13 20:50:58

Ooh have you seen the last one then dueling?

SugarSpunSisters Mon 23-Sep-13 22:40:13

I've seen the last episode too!

buss Mon 23-Sep-13 22:44:10

I'm also really annoyed with Dexter. There was no reason why he couldn't have got Hannah hidden away out of town by now.
She's made no effort to disguise herself either.
It's ridiculous. <grrr>

limitedperiodonly Tue 24-Sep-13 11:00:09

It is disappointing, isn't it? I agree tension, Vogel should have been there from the beginning for it to make sense.

Deb's been shot before, in the other side. Don't they remember that? I can't remember the series but it happened and then there was a plot development which revolved around her having a scar.

Shame, because I did like it.

DuelingFanjo Tue 24-Sep-13 11:34:07

oooh - sugar. I am bursting to discuss it.

limitedperiodonly Tue 24-Sep-13 11:44:45

Hold on, dueling it's not long now.

I was idly looking up something on Michael C Hall's illness and the report, which was supposed to be about cancer, not the show, had the all time worst spoiler I've ever read. It was the Trinity series which had just started.

I wanted to hunt that person down and have them wake up in a plastic-lined room with me cleaning my nails with a big knife. I still might.

It was even worse than when someone actually sought me out to tell me what happened to a key character in the Wire, and then when I was really cross, said: 'Oh, didn't you want to know? I thought you liked the show.'

Not that I'm saying you'd do that. I'm just still scarred grin

HighBrows Tue 24-Sep-13 12:21:15

I'd love to know how it all ends... does anyone want to PM me... I honestly don't care about Dexter or anyone else in the show anymore..!

How did you get to see the last one?

EauRouge Tue 24-Sep-13 12:26:43

I've seen the last one. Wish I hadn't bothered!

DuelingFanjo Tue 24-Sep-13 14:03:17

Highbrows, DH downloads it (Illegal!) as it's shown in America a week ahead.
I won't do spoilers. Could PM you but it's going to sound really boring on 'paper'. I proper cried for several reasons though.

aliciaflorrick Tue 24-Sep-13 14:27:09

I haven't seen it, so I'm just speculating, but based on the disappointing last episode I think Dexter is just going to fly off into the sunset with Harrison. He's not going to get caught. I reckon Hannah is a gonner though.

buss Tue 24-Sep-13 16:22:00

I think they will get spotted at the airport by deb's old boss and they will try to escape on dexter's boat. The storm is significant I think - they mentioned it loads of times.

Blondeshavemorefun Tue 24-Sep-13 18:24:29

duelling and fisher shush!! not a word till next week!!!!

i was surprised debs left him alone, NEVER leave killers alone, plus why didnt hannah dye her hair/cut it short etc hmm

hope debs is ok, still think dexter will die

SugarSpunSisters Tue 24-Sep-13 22:15:12

Vogel returns, she's not actually dead. She kills everyone currently still alive with high and low flying splinters because she's so wooden.

Boom boom.


aliciaflorrick Wed 25-Sep-13 08:07:18

To be fair, Vodel hasn't been the only wooden actor on Dexter this year.

Is it wrong to hope that Jamie still gets bumped off?

SugarSpunSisters Wed 25-Sep-13 18:56:39

I know, I think even Dexter was wooden at times. Debs, Batista and Masuka weren't wooden ever I don't think.

DuelingFanjo Wed 25-Sep-13 23:50:44

Interesting Charlotte Rampling (dr Vogel) fact, apart from once being married to Jean Michel Jarre ... 'The British rock band Kinky Machine wrote a song about her, simply called "Charlotte Rampling." It includes the line "I always wanted to be your trampoline".'

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