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Doctors Addicts Anonymous Continued - ATTEN-SHUN!

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MsNobodyAgain Fri 06-Sep-13 15:50:58

This is a thread for all fans of the weekday soap 'Doctors', BBC1, 1.45pm.

Right, now the stalker storyline is out of the way, I think it's time to channel our inner Howard and whip this programme into shape:

1. Every opportunity must be taken to get TBFE in his fishing or army gear and get him all ruffly haired.

2. Heston must stop messing about with restaurant reviews (and that reptilian Emma) and realise his love for Mrs T.

3. Mrs T should wear her flirty wig (see note 2).

4. Zara will continue to master acting purely by moving her eyebrows and saying "really?".

5. The Gobbys will appear in as many episodes as possible to add comedy value.

So line up troops and let's march into the world of WTF!

Everyone is welcome, newbies, regulars and even cast members (arf).


cinnamongreyhound Tue 10-Sep-13 13:49:31


One of the blokes in the taxi was in Hollyoaks otherwise I have no idea who they are or what they're doing!

curlyclaz13 Tue 10-Sep-13 13:52:02

Are they living with tbfe ? is the dancer/stripper an ex of one of the soldiers ?

cinnamongreyhound Tue 10-Sep-13 13:53:19

A reunion?

cinnamongreyhound Tue 10-Sep-13 13:53:53

I think no to the first and yes to the second curlyclaz13!

MsNobodyAgain Tue 10-Sep-13 13:58:18

I only have half an eye on it and I'm lost.

MsNobodyAgain Tue 10-Sep-13 14:02:37

Sleeeeeeeeaze bag.


AlphaBetaOoda Tue 10-Sep-13 14:06:33

Yes I'm
Not really getting it today. Not helped
By baby all over my knee And toddler

curlyclaz13 Tue 10-Sep-13 14:06:46

grin at this is Letherbridge not Afghanistan

MrsReiver Tue 10-Sep-13 14:06:54

"This is Letherbridge, not Afghanistan"

I'm glad he cleared that up, I get the two of them confused all the time.

curlyclaz13 Tue 10-Sep-13 14:10:40

tbfe is being very masterful today. I bet Anne is enjoying it grin

cinnamongreyhound Tue 10-Sep-13 14:10:53

Another sad one

cinnamongreyhound Tue 10-Sep-13 14:11:29

Assuming this is a clients baby then?

cinnamongreyhound Tue 10-Sep-13 14:12:19

Nice to see tbfe been less oafish today grin

curlyclaz13 Tue 10-Sep-13 14:13:00

ay Captain Bellamy grin

cinnamongreyhound Tue 10-Sep-13 14:13:06

Was the bloke in charge in Eastenders?

MsNobodyAgain Tue 10-Sep-13 14:14:32

I hate 2-parters.

Well, it was a change from the norm and nearly prised me away from my spreadsheets.

cinnamongreyhound Tue 10-Sep-13 14:22:48

My dad won't watch anything that's more than one part MsNobodyAgain, quite glad it will finish tomorrow as it may all become clear wink

Raahh Tue 10-Sep-13 17:46:20

I missed today, as I fell asleepblush-combination of staying up too late to watch some of the tennis, and dd2 waking up precisely half anhour after this- and not sleeping againangry<tired>

So- a two parter. Will I have chance to watch today's before tomorrow? Will it actually make any difference to my understanding of what is going on if I don't? probably not <worries>


AnneEyhtMeyer Tue 10-Sep-13 18:25:47

Ooh! Looking forward to seeing a bit of TBFE being masterful! Haven't seen today's yet because I was out all day - it is my birthday so went out for lunch and to see a film.

I was hoping for one of you to organise TBFE to do a little strip-tease in his police uniform for me...

Raahh Tue 10-Sep-13 18:32:04

Happy Birthday Anne cake

Sorry about the lack of a stripgrin

AnneEyhtMeyer Tue 10-Sep-13 18:35:28

Thanks, Raahh.

You mean he isn't popping round later? sad

curlyclaz13 Tue 10-Sep-13 18:38:40

Happy birthday Anne wine

HoggyTruffle Tue 10-Sep-13 19:54:55

Happy Birthday Anne cake.

Is this your website?

Raahh Tue 10-Sep-13 19:56:17

pmsl @ that website!grin

HoggyTruffle Tue 10-Sep-13 20:09:50

But are you admitting ownership Raahh? wink

I only had a quick look but there were no obvious topless shots.

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