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Homeland season 3

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cakeL Mon 02-Sep-13 09:40:00

does anyone know when it back on?? thanks

Hassled Mon 02-Sep-13 09:43:37

We've been speculating here - plus some teaser trailers for you.

End of Sept in the US and last season we were a week behind, so I've assumed early October. I am a bit worried by the absence of any promotion etc on TV, though - I'd have thought they'd be pushing it by now. I have this dread no-one in the UK has bought the rights.

Fiderer Mon 02-Sep-13 10:24:11

shock Hassled - so shock that I first typed [sock]

cakeL Mon 02-Sep-13 10:32:08

Thanks!! looks brilliant, sure someone will have brought the rights after 2 successful seasons!!

AnyFucker Mon 02-Sep-13 10:34:05

Marks place to find out what is happening smile

Purpleshoes Mon 02-Sep-13 22:58:24

It's early October. Saw it advertised in one of the papers things to watch in the Autumn tv section this weekend.

Purpleshoes Mon 02-Sep-13 23:06:05

October 6, ch 4, can't wait!

AnyFucker Mon 02-Sep-13 23:07:28

yay !!

SlatternismyMiddlename Tue 03-Sep-13 23:17:09

Woo hoo!

Vajazzler Tue 03-Sep-13 23:23:46

Does anyone know when the new series of strikeback returns?

BreakOutTheKaraoke Tue 03-Sep-13 23:26:21

Very excited! Was late to the Homeland party, then watched both series in about 2 days. Don't know how I'm going to handle an episode a week.

Drami Wed 04-Sep-13 11:26:31

Can't wait for this-need something now that the White Queen is over.

boschy Thu 05-Sep-13 22:29:34

seriously cant wait and thinking about watching previous series in order to get me back up to speed again...

MajesticWhine Thu 05-Sep-13 22:30:46

marking place to remind myself

BerryLellow Fri 06-Sep-13 10:03:54

I found a link online for an unfinished version of episode 1, but have managed to restrain myself from clicking on it smile

GypsyFloss Sat 07-Sep-13 17:37:07


Ledkr Sat 07-Sep-13 17:38:13

Place mark. Can't wait. Only good thing about the winter coming.

ModeratelyObvious Fri 13-Sep-13 22:56:53

Less than a month...

UseHerName Sat 14-Sep-13 00:04:00

whoop whoop!

CMP69 Sat 14-Sep-13 08:51:45

I in grin

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