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CBeebies Should Be Renamed As The Justin Fletcher Show.............!!

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Fimbo Tue 13-Jun-06 17:48:12

I am not anti Justin - I am just fed up of seeming him on every blooming programme ds and I have watched today. He even does the voice of one of the Tweenies (Jake?). Rant over...

Ledodgyherring Tue 13-Jun-06 17:49:49

I know it's even confusing dd who tries to copy his hand movements everytime he's on springwatch like she does when he's on something special lol.

Fimbo Tue 13-Jun-06 17:51:12

Glad we are not alone, my ds gets very confused especially when he then pops up as Mr Tumble

nicnack2 Tue 13-Jun-06 17:52:16

never mind dc so do i

intergalacticwalrus Tue 13-Jun-06 17:53:19

There's something about his face that makes me want to break things.

Fimbo Tue 13-Jun-06 17:55:37

I have come up to the computer to escape him - I can hear him downstairs " give yourself a springy." Arrghhh!!!!!!!!!.

nicnack2 Tue 13-Jun-06 17:57:31

lolat fimbo

Fimbo Tue 13-Jun-06 18:03:10

At last he's gone! I will return to my children now!

nicnack2 Tue 13-Jun-06 18:04:37

twinkling out top knot as you go

schneebly Tue 13-Jun-06 18:06:07

I am sorry but I find him slightly creepy!

fannyfannacapants Sat 24-Jun-06 20:35:43

OMG!!!! How can you slate Justin???!??!?! The guy is a GENIUS!!!! DD (along with almost every other child I know) adores him, thus giving me precious moments to collect my thoughts etc! I would suggest he gets a knighthood for his efforts on securing a parents sanity!!

MrsDoolittle Sat 24-Jun-06 20:51:18

I was going to post a thread this morning saying that I must be seeing too much cbeebies because I think I am beginning to fancy Justin Fletcher.

A very talented children presenter

ellemo Sat 24-Jun-06 21:06:53

I am totally with you on the fancying Justin vibe - am pretty sure I don't fancy him but I love him. Hes just so happy, what a darling. God - you'd think I was 8 not 28yrs.
Am reluctant to get into a discussion on kids presenters - however, am glad that cbeebies have lost sue but why oh why is Chris still there??? He drives me insane, those over the top facial expressions which accompany every sentence. But even worse, so much worse are those Wiggles. What are they doing? (apart from earning a fortune)?? Hate them - thats quite strong I know but yeh, I hate them.

Mercy Sat 24-Jun-06 21:29:47

Chris irritates me enormously but I do think he is a good presenter.

I love Justin and so do my kids - especially in Higgledy House and Something Special

ellemo Sat 24-Jun-06 21:36:07

Something special, how apt!! Getting carried away now. Find the Tikkabilla presenters very bizarre on the whole. My boy loves Sarah Jane (my DH probably does too). Mind you, I used to like one of the Story Makers - can't think of his name now, haven't seen it for a while - we have progressed to Nick Jnr. Bold guy with a lisp - yeh, thought he was quite dishy.

MrsDoolittle Sun 25-Jun-06 12:15:11

My dh likes Sarah-Jane.
She is pretty though

amber5 Sun 25-Jun-06 14:54:46

I LOVE CHRIS. we won't have a word against him in this house. he has the most expressive eye-brows in the world - they should have their own equity card!!

ilovecaboose Sun 25-Jun-06 18:46:30

I love Chris!!! Mostly cos I remember him on CBBC when I was a kid as the anorak - anyone else remember that?

He's the only reason I let ds watch CBeebies (well that and the tweenies...oh and pingu..and postman pat...ok so there's quite a lot of reasons I let ds watch cbeebies )

fannyfannacapants Mon 26-Jun-06 12:55:06

I too love Chris!! What a FABULOUS presenter! Makes me laugh soooooooooo much and I especially LURVE it when he acts out different fairytales!! Superb stuff!!! However it's a bit sad that I love to watch CBeebies quite so much, and have often been left sitting on the couch chuckling to myself when dd has long since scarpered and is in her room playing with puzzles etc!!!

JackieNo Mon 26-Jun-06 12:58:34

DS (2.5) is scared of Mr Tumble - has to have a hug from DD when he comes on, even in the springtime song. He keeps saying 'Mr Tumble not going to get me?'. He does like Justin, though, and I've been trying to explain that Mr Tumble is just Justin dressed up, not sure he gets it though.

tulasi Tue 05-Jun-07 10:43:07

My little boy loves Justin. We're not allowed to watch any other channel in our house in case we miss him.... especially in Something Special as Mr Tumble and in Higgledy House with Sarah Jane. I can empathise with you Mrs Doolittle... I see more of Justin than i do of my other half

BishyBarneyBee Tue 05-Jun-07 10:45:58

I think he is a eunuch

BishyBarneyBee Tue 05-Jun-07 10:47:13

hang on - have just skim read this thread and people fancy justin?


booge Tue 05-Jun-07 10:55:34

He is great if a bit scary, I've even come round to Sarah Jane but do find Chris a bit much.

billa Tue 03-Jul-07 12:04:49

I love Justin, I have also found out his age, he's 37 years old. He was born on June 15th 1970. Met him 2 years ago, he was really nice. My children love him, everytime I mention Cardiff they always assume that their going to see CBeebies live. Can't believe Justin's 37 though, he looks much younger. My age in fact 31.

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