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The Great British Bake Off returns on Tuesday 20th August on BBC Two :D

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milk Thu 08-Aug-13 11:28:35

Just that: The Great British Bake Off returns on Tuesday 20th August on BBC Two grin I am so super excited grin Only 12 days to go!!!

bouncychair Thu 08-Aug-13 11:30:38

Hurrah! I love this programme! Must tell my SIL - we watch it together and take it turns to bake something to eat while we watch!

NettoSuperstar Thu 08-Aug-13 11:35:44

Love, love, love this show, even though I'm a terrible baker.
I spend the whole time lusting over Paul the Kitchenaids.

OneStepCloser Thu 08-Aug-13 11:41:10

I saw this on TV last night and must admit whooped straight away and have told all family to leave me alone on that night, I do not want dhs silly running commentary all the way through!

milk Thu 08-Aug-13 14:34:36

I can't bake either... but my sister can so I can tell her to bake what I see grin

VikingVagine Thu 08-Aug-13 14:55:28

I have already put it in the diary grin , is it me or do the cakes look a little less professional this year?

Badgerwife Sat 10-Aug-13 12:18:46

I just saw the advert this morning; let out a huge whoop and put it in the diary, how sad is that? blush

GwendolineMaryLacey Sat 10-Aug-13 12:20:25

I am soooooooooooooooo excited about this blush

MsIngaFewmarbles Sat 10-Aug-13 12:27:01

Squeeeee so excited. I love GBBO and have even converted DH smile

BadgersNadgers Sat 10-Aug-13 13:12:15

Excellent news, the kids go back to school/nursery and GBBO starts all on the same day!

ppeatfruit Mon 12-Aug-13 14:59:23

Oooooh yes me too grin me too grin fabby news!!! AND ITV3 are repeating Downton Abbey soon grin

squalorvictoria Mon 12-Aug-13 15:00:45

Wahey! Can't wait, it's my favourite programme on TV.

70isaLimitNotaTarget Mon 12-Aug-13 21:22:41

I've never seen Downton Abbey blush

I might -just might- dip my toe in the water this time round .

MsIngaFewmarbles Mon 12-Aug-13 22:10:03

And straight after GBBO is a new series of The Midwives smile

Dillydollydaydream Tue 13-Aug-13 02:09:06

Like. Like. Like smile

Fakebook Tue 13-Aug-13 15:08:47

I saw the advert for it last night and am really looking forward to it! Past experience tells me to have a big dinner and pudding before watching each week, or else my mouth waters and stomach grumbles all the way through!

shoofly Tue 13-Aug-13 23:02:24

so relieved, I was convinced it had started tonight and I'd missed it. can go to bed happy now!

AppleYumYum Wed 14-Aug-13 11:19:57

I can't wait, I love this show. Though I do feel a bit meh hmm about Paul this time around after his affair, I hope Mary, Mel and Sue gave him a talking to...

chaoshayley Wed 14-Aug-13 11:23:21

I'm sooo excited! And my copy of the Everyday Bake Off book arrived today, so I have a few days to practise before Tuesday. grin

These are my Bake Off biscuits biscuit biscuit biscuit

ViviPru Wed 14-Aug-13 12:08:55

I'm there. LOVE GBBO, so gentle and pleasant. Mel and sue and cakes and marquees. HEAVEN.

ViviPru Wed 14-Aug-13 12:12:01

Ooh lets have a bit of fun.... without reading, looking at the pictures only - who is your money on?

GBBO contestants

I'm going for Frances. Meticulous and quietly competitive, she bakes to unleash the creativity within her that is stifled in her day job.

<Too invested already>

ViviPru Wed 14-Aug-13 12:13:09

"Frances is a clothes designer by day" Hmm... my radar is well off....

ViviPru Wed 14-Aug-13 12:16:04

Having read them all, I'm going for Christine...

Do you think that the MNer who was planning to apply got through? I wonder who she was - or if we'll ever find out

ppeatfruit Wed 14-Aug-13 14:50:34

My money's on Rob or Christine (haven't read them as you said vivi grin) they look a bit more experienced though of course that may not mean much. Good idea to have a bet before it starts grin!!!

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