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Hayley the Queen of Corrie. The red coat shall have pride of place.

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WireCat Wed 24-Jul-13 18:27:48

New thread.

This is the last thread

DesperateHousewife21 Sun 28-Jul-13 15:49:03

lol @ Carla being draped over Peter, she really does do that all the time doesn't she!

FriskyMare Sun 28-Jul-13 17:48:25

When DD was 5 we went to Lapland for the day with a plane full of children who had had serious illness, anyhoo, loads of Corrie actors came too, Hayley being one of them. She was fab, spent loads of time with DD and made the day extra special. Denise Welch was also there but hardly spoke to anyone. DD sent Julie a photo of the two of them and she sent back a lovely message. Several years later we saw Julie in Manchester shopping and she remembered us! Lovely person and fab actress.

valiumredhead Sun 28-Jul-13 17:56:17

Oh I'm lucky, my mil is great and has done that lots of times when Dh is being an arse

Bakingnovice Sun 28-Jul-13 23:01:48

Wow wow wow. Roy- Hayley-Sylvia have brought me back into the corrie fold. I agree with fanny and despise virtually every other character apart from these three. Wonderful acting. Please please don't let Sylvia or Roy leave.

I fast forward the other stories, especially anything to do with rob/Tracey/Katie/ fizz/ ches/Karl/fireman. Surely the fireman is next for the chop? Has he even had one episode where's he's not been a greasy sulk??

Impomea Mon 29-Jul-13 08:52:54

Yes Baking the fireman is greasy and slimy but I can just about tolerate him as he makes Eileen happy and she's funny especially love the banter
in the taxi office with Steve and Lloyd.

If I was a script writer on Corrie I would make fat Brenda real and she would be a kind of northern Dawn French and take no nonsense !

Will miss Haley .Do you think that Mary will bustle in to comfort Roy?

EeTraceyluv Mon 29-Jul-13 08:55:39

My dear mother was telling me all about various people she has known who have had pancreatic cancer. Jolly uplifting...

whatkungfuthat Mon 29-Jul-13 09:30:57

Frisky that is exactly what I would have thought. Julie Hesmondhalgh seems really lovely when she appears on the TV as herself. Welch is always banging on about 'her charities' but clearly only does it for self promotion.

Apols if I am repeating myself but I remember Loose Woman from years ago when Nadia S was on it. Julie was on sometimes, and on her first day they got a phone-in from a 'viewer' who turned out to be Welch desperately trying to muscle in. I can't bear her.

Bakingnovice Mon 29-Jul-13 09:33:29

I wish Hayley wasn't leaving. I know she wants to do other things but what on earth could she possible do? She will always always be Hayley. She will never get away from that character.

DesperateHousewife21 Mon 29-Jul-13 11:25:45

Might be a dramatic scene coming up involving a lorry...

EeTraceyluv Mon 29-Jul-13 11:34:48

They did the lorry thing with Alison (kevins wife after Sally) and her baby Jake though..

whatkungfuthat Mon 29-Jul-13 11:36:38

Desperate do you know something? [narrows eyes]

Bakingnovice Mon 29-Jul-13 13:12:30

Hayley and the lorry??!! No!

AnneEyhtMeyer Mon 29-Jul-13 13:24:17

I thought it was the warring brothers and the lorry?

ajandjjmum Mon 29-Jul-13 14:11:51

Kevin had a wife called Alison - and a baby? I can't remember that at all!

EeTraceyluv Mon 29-Jul-13 14:20:01

Oh yes - a while back - she had really bad PND and ran in front of a lorry with baby jake (who had got mixed up with another baby I think - may be thinking of something else, maybe someone else had a baby the same time or something)... - was v sad.

whatkungfuthat Mon 29-Jul-13 14:33:16

I was confused about this as I thought Kevin went back to Sally after Natalie Horrocks. (I remember she got in trouble as she flooded the house when Natalie was away and wrote 'whore' in the steamy mirror, so Natalie knew it was her. She had gone there with Kev so I thought they were a couple)

I'd forgotten all about Alison and had to look it up. The corrie site said the baby died soon after he was born and she ran out in front of the lorry due to grief and PND.

AnneEyhtMeyer Mon 29-Jul-13 14:38:43

She snatched Bethany didn't she? Didn't Kevin get her just before Alison jumped in front of the lorry?

AnneEyhtMeyer Mon 29-Jul-13 14:39:18

Was Natalie Denise Welch? Or am I getting confused?

EstelleGetty Mon 29-Jul-13 15:03:01

Oh I don't know how much of the Hayley storyline I'll be able to watch! I've been in floods the last few episodes. They're both brilliant actors.

Why take Hayley, blessed Hayley? Take Nicky Tilsley instead! He looks like he crawled out from a grave anyway. Or Leanne, or Gail, or Beth, or Rob.

EeTraceyluv Mon 29-Jul-13 15:08:06

That's right - it was when beth (who sarahlouise wanted to call Brittney) was born. Natalie was DW - she went off with Des Barnes in the end who got murdered by Jez Quigley due to Natalie's son Tony becoming 'Involved In A Bad Thing'

whatkungfuthat Mon 29-Jul-13 15:47:54

Around the same time there was a film or prog called Quigley Down Under, that used to make me snurk

whatkungfuthat Mon 29-Jul-13 15:49:28

Around the same time there was a film or prog called Quigley Down Under, that used to make me snurk

whatkungfuthat Mon 29-Jul-13 15:50:06


DesperateHousewife21 Mon 29-Jul-13 16:03:03

I know who is involved with a lorry crash but don't want to say in case people don't want to know. They're left fighting for their life...

DesperateHousewife21 Mon 29-Jul-13 16:05:31

We're in DOD grin

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