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Will it be an INJECTION if cash for Leah or will Lord Sugar ice the CUPCAKE dream if Louisa? Its thw Apprentixe final!

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Allthingspretty Wed 17-Jul-13 08:59:30

Will it be a sweet ending for Louisa or will Leah's dreams be filler-filled?

olidusUrsus Fri 19-Jul-13 16:18:24

Yy squoosh

RussiansOnTheSpree Fri 19-Jul-13 16:07:09

I thought Luisa's apology to Jason was very sweet. Obviously no idea if it was genuine. But it seemed so.

squoosh Fri 19-Jul-13 15:05:34

It's always best to be a runner up in a reality show. The same amount of publicity but with far less hassle.

olidusUrsus Fri 19-Jul-13 15:02:12

If anything, I think Luisa's done the best here, better than Leah anyway. I agree with Russian, no way will Leah take leave to do a Masters, no way will she be allowed to traipse around the country providing training and not because she has 0 experience and I strongly doubt that the '40 years left of my life to devote to the NHS' prophecy will come true either.

Luisa got exposure, she matured and now she has a huge investment. Probably with much fewer strings attached that Sugar's offer, too.

Chubfuddler Fri 19-Jul-13 15:01:22

She came over better in twenty minutes with dara than she did for most of the show tbh. Seemed much more natural.

mynameismskane Fri 19-Jul-13 14:46:22

I know Luisa very well (don't want to say too much to out myself but I assure you this is the truth) and she is absolutely fine with coming second. She has a LOT of self belief and is determined to be someone and I have no doubt she will be! Her parents are fantastic by the way and gave her everything - she was and is a very lucky girl.

RussiansOnTheSpree Fri 19-Jul-13 08:36:21

Francesca had a terrible idea. She hadn't researched the market at all. It's completely dominated by the branded classes.

Also - that 'dance' she did in Leah's pitch was a bit bobbins.

LaVolcan Fri 19-Jul-13 08:30:38

I couldn't see why Sugar got so hung up on Luisa's other businesses. The were in the same sort of area: cupcakes and home baking are not a million miles apart. She was employing staff to run them. Does Sugar run all his businesses himself, or does he employ staff?

I definitely think he saw £££ sign's with Leah. Who is apparently going to do a Masters, train staff in her botox clinics, (and continue in A & E, or will that bite the dust?)

He should have gone with Francesca.

RussiansOnTheSpree Fri 19-Jul-13 08:23:48

He won't care about the negative remarks.

Anyway, it's nice to see that Luisa has secured £500K of funding from a business angel group. I'm no fan of cakes (I know that vegan baking is a thing now, but when I w a kid there was no such thing as dairy free cakes so I never got the taste for them and I'm not minded to develop it at this time in my life! grin ) but she had a decent business idea and she is obviously committed to making it work with or without old grumpy chops.

waikikamookau Fri 19-Jul-13 08:17:16

I think sugar will let her, if only to stop the negative remarks about her nhs training.

RussiansOnTheSpree Fri 19-Jul-13 08:08:09

You do realise that's just for show? She won't have time. Not if she is going round the country training what sounds like minimum wage level people to inject poison into people's faces. And sugar won't let her. He was worried about Luisa owning other businesses, he isn't going to let Leah work full time in a masters degree and part time on their business. As if anyone would offer her a place on a masters course.....when her contract is up, that'll be it.

waikikamookau Fri 19-Jul-13 07:59:47 I mean this

waikikamookau Fri 19-Jul-13 07:59:29

did none of you read this or actually she mentioned it on TV, she will carry on in nhs academia.

waikikamookau Fri 19-Jul-13 06:53:52

but did you see Karen's face when dara was so rude about jason, she obviously liked Jason.

CatsAndTheirPizza Fri 19-Jul-13 02:12:28

Maybe Leah's been given feedback that she's no empathy/will make a rubbish doctor, which is why she applied? Can't believe with competition for medical places at university so tough that they let her in - how depressing.

They were a bit mean to poor old Jason in the final show!

RussiansOnTheSpree Fri 19-Jul-13 00:32:38

Swedish and if you believe that.......

RussiansOnTheSpree Fri 19-Jul-13 00:32:18

Sorry - I meant you pay back the lot if you go to work in your profession in the private sector. Not if you go and work in a call centre or something like that.

SwedishEdith Fri 19-Jul-13 00:31:29

In theory, if they go into the more lucrative private sector, they will be paying back the cost of their training in taxes.

RussiansOnTheSpree Fri 19-Jul-13 00:31:19

There is no inhibition of free movement of labour! People can do what they want. But if they want to screw over the taxpayer then they have to pay back the cost of their training. It wouldn't be the public sector compelling people to work in it. It would be a T&C of medical/teacher/dentist training. You qualify. You go to work in private sector? You pay back the lot. You go to work in Public sector? You pay back your student loan only. You decide not to stick in the field for which you were trained (or fail to get a job in that field) but you get another graduate or non graduate job not reliant on your professional qualification - you just pay back your student loan like anyone else. You don't work at all? You pay back nothing.

Couldn't be fairer or indeed clearer.

scottishmummy Fri 19-Jul-13 00:24:45

Whats wrong with it? shouldn't inhibit free movement of labour
And in certain fields eg teaching (not medicine) there too many grads not enough jobs
I don't think the public sector can compel people to work in it,nor should it

RussiansOnTheSpree Fri 19-Jul-13 00:23:52

scottish I think, in this new age of paying for degrees etc, that for doctors, nurses, dentists, teachers - anyone who gets a massively tax payer subsidized training as well as a degree, but then instead of respecting the social contract implicit in that subsidized training jumps ship straight away to join the private sector (which they can only do because of the qualification they have had laid for out of my taxes) - they should automatically get the true cost of their qualification added to their student debt.

nametakenagain Fri 19-Jul-13 00:16:01

Yes, mandatory work in the public sector on graduation to pay back tax payers' investment in your training. Doctors, nurses, teachers, etc. What's wrong with that?

People leaving to pursue commercial interests pay back the cost of their training.

Seems reasonable. I don't see why that doesn't happen already.

scottishmummy Fri 19-Jul-13 00:05:31

Yes it's a huge investment. But realistically what are you suggesting
Mandatory work upon graduation
Will you inc the teachers,other hcp etc who don't work Public service upon graduation?

RussiansOnTheSpree Fri 19-Jul-13 00:03:00

According to this article ...... costs £250K to train each Doctor. Complete waste of money in Leah's case. And what's more, not only is she not honoring that investment, she is unethically using it to fleece the credulous and the unhappy and the vulnerable. There's a reason she keeps telling people she is ethical and moral, over and over again - it's because she knows very well that she isn't.

scottishmummy Thu 18-Jul-13 23:56:19

All courses have grads who don't remain in field,it happens a lot
What are you suggesting?she progressed and passed on her merits

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