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Have watched all of the big brothers except this one...

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charliecat Tue 06-Jun-06 19:41:07

when did you stop watching?

JessaJam Tue 06-Jun-06 19:47:39

before it even started

charliecat Tue 06-Jun-06 19:50:21


lucykate Tue 06-Jun-06 19:51:15

i gave it up last year, the night it started i was in hospital having just given birth to ds and, of course having a newborn, never watched it at all. i think if you miss the first night, its harder to get into it. so now i've made the break, am not going back if i can help it. so far, have watched none of this years, i don't even know who is in the house.

gegs73 Tue 06-Jun-06 20:10:52

I stopped about a week ago. Seems so boring this one, don't know if it is just me or whether it has always been like this. Think I've just got too used to good quality reality tv like 'The Apprentice' sigh...

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