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There's no way of (Sir) Sugaring the truth as it's about to come out in the interview..The Apprentice Thread:the interview thread

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Allthingspretty Wed 10-Jul-13 18:28:01

No can will be left unopened
No stone will be left unturned
As Mulder would say the truth is out there

So come on in!

SuePurblybilt Wed 10-Jul-13 21:05:19

Arf, she does dance. And she talks like Supernanny, does Fakey Stella

YoureAllABunchOfBastards Wed 10-Jul-13 21:05:29


I love this episode every year. I have a massive crush on Margaret.

Chubfuddler Wed 10-Jul-13 21:05:41

I would rather Luisa won than neck beard

Wolfcub Wed 10-Jul-13 21:05:55

I love Margaret too

Chubfuddler Wed 10-Jul-13 21:06:07

I think norniron has the best business idea.

Allthingspretty Wed 10-Jul-13 21:06:09

I reckon that Leah will be in the final

SuePurblybilt Wed 10-Jul-13 21:06:11

What kind of clinic is NornIron plugging? Botox? Assisted death?

MrsShrek3 Wed 10-Jul-13 21:06:25

Get rod of quack Leah please
That woman makes my teeth itch

Steffanoid Wed 10-Jul-13 21:06:56

oh I dont want to cry, I want one of them toogrin

tablefor4 Wed 10-Jul-13 21:07:00

I suspect that Leah has the most integrity. The question is whether her plan stands up.

Witco Wed 10-Jul-13 21:07:02

Love this, carnage!

Chubfuddler Wed 10-Jul-13 21:07:04


SconeInSixtySeconds Wed 10-Jul-13 21:07:11

Right I am here, Apols if I get even more incomprehensible than normal - it's the drugs your honour.

TSSDNCOP Wed 10-Jul-13 21:07:13

How many "on line" ideas will there be?

Does anyone have a business not featuring "on line" in it's description?

Lorelilee Wed 10-Jul-13 21:07:28

Neil looking good!

Tee2072 Wed 10-Jul-13 21:07:40

grin Sue!

LannisterLion Wed 10-Jul-13 21:07:45

Leah and Luisa in the final I reckon

YoureAllABunchOfBastards Wed 10-Jul-13 21:07:46

Arf at assisted death

SuePurblybilt Wed 10-Jul-13 21:07:53

Surralun looks more and more like the Churchill dog each episode.

MrsShrek3 Wed 10-Jul-13 21:07:56

Indeedy, TSS

RedToothBrush Wed 10-Jul-13 21:07:58

Jordan has cuban heels to add to his mighty 4'10"

BOF Wed 10-Jul-13 21:07:58

She injects lethal bee venom into people's mouths, I think, Sue. So a bit of both.

naffedoff Wed 10-Jul-13 21:08:01

The business plans are always rubbish:
Year 1: sell 1 million widgets and make £2 million profit
Year 2: make £10 squillion profit
Year 3: world domination

YoureAllABunchOfBastards Wed 10-Jul-13 21:08:04

Jordan looks like it is his first day at school

Chubfuddler Wed 10-Jul-13 21:08:22

Why does Francesca appear to do weird fake smiles at completely non smiley moments?

So this is the semi final then? Three of them are fucked at this point.

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