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Men's singles final part two!

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GlaikitFizzog Sun 07-Jul-13 17:23:07

It's squeaky bum time....

GameSetAndMatch Fri 02-Aug-13 21:53:01

and btw seize mines autistic too so i understand. and also to lifetime disability.

i had the gp write a graphic letter that ive photocopied and sent to EVERYONE as i insisted the doctor put EVERYTHING in LARGE TYPE that DC has.

as they cant get their tiny minds round about what disabilities mean.

GameSetAndMatch Fri 02-Aug-13 21:50:08

Right you lot. cant link but ive just started a new [tennis] thread in telly addicts.

come on, Seize itll hopefully cheer you up!

and good you're getting sky sports, just hope you get water too!

siezethenight Fri 02-Aug-13 09:28:21

clay I have long since given up at the workings of the disability people and this new PIP system they have coming in had me rolling my eyes and thinking doom and gloom.
However, the Autistic Society actually class PIP as better for mental disabilities, if you will call them such, I always feel slightly affronted when this is said about my Ds - anyhow, PIP has more of a detailed questionnaire apparently and its a point scoring system and all my Ds's issues score top points - will they put him onto PIP now? No they will not. He's 20 so well over the 16 year age for the change over. They instead say they will get in touch next year to check for significant improvements - that made me chuckle - yes okay because in 11 months time he will be cured! Hallelujah and praise God! Its a f*cking miracle! They do not even understand the term 'lifetime disability' when its written down for them by a doctor... By all means check in with us - I do not expect money handed over without checks done but to say they expect significant improvement in 11 months? hmm My Ds can't ties laces, can't open food, can't cook food, he can't go out of the house without an adult. Can't do just about everything a 20 year old can. He spent yesterday rocking back and fore in a chair and when he was not he was chasing about the house with some string to entice cats to follow him - 20 not 5... That's his age yes. Obviously in 11 months time, he will be okay and out getting bladdered with his peer group, have about 3 girls on the go. Driving a souped up Subaru and planning a gap year to travel around the globe and work in brothels bars...
Isn't it just the bloody ignorance of these people that is so anger inducing?
Gosh - now I feel a lot better for ranting!

ClayDavis Thu 01-Aug-13 19:01:43

They are bastards. At least I only lost £7 a week from mid March this time. The last 2 times I nearly lost the whole lot. The first time because my GP apparently doesn't count as a health professional. They would count the community mental health team but as I was only on the waiting list, and that's measured in years in our PCT, that didn't count either. I did point out that as the neighbouring PCT 10 miles away has a waiting list of 6 months they were essentially trying to categorise my disabilty by geographic location, which was a bit stupid.

siezethenight Thu 01-Aug-13 07:57:44

clay Tax credits have slashed our cash for 2 months until end of September when Dd goes to college - this is because their system won't recognise her until Sept. I was livid. Short of a terrible accident there is no way Dd would not be in college come September and my working income has not changed and will not change. I asked them, should I send her to claim jobseekers over the summer? Given they claim she is no longer in education? Because technically, that is what they are saying for the next 2 months. She is not in education. Spreading whatever child tax credits out she will get from September on for rest of year does nothing for us throughout August and all of September. It was the inertia of it all. A thoroughly c**p system.
If ever I needed tennis for a few weeks to escape the tedium of politics and Government rules, this would be the time.
I can't even comment on the disability man, am trying to blank him out of my mind. Its for the best, I got to 43 witty/sarcastic comebacks for him by last night - alas - I was long since off the phone by comeback 1....
And still no baby! What's she playing at? Its time - come on out and cheer us all up...

That's not really fair on Rafa - its speculation that could be damaging for him. I bet it was said by the old oafs who have long since forgotten that when in youth you can come back from an injury and run about like a madman - remember the days you used to get out of bed or a chair even without going, 'Ohhh...' like your mother used to? grin Yeah.... I remember those days.....
I shall be phoning Sky soon for my free month of sports as a trial please - thank God for it - I need the distraction, the talk and the other wordly feeling of a good tennis tournament!

ClayDavis Wed 31-Jul-13 23:01:30

I knew you had no choice about the water seize. It just made me laugh and I can't think of any other forum than MN where someone would be giving their cats mineral water to drink.

Sounds like you've had a tough couple of days. Was the disability man from ATOS by any chance? I share your pain with dealing with Tax Credits. Have had to do the same twice recently.

Game there was a story a while ago - possibly about the time of the Lance Armstrong thing - that there is a problem with drugs in tennis and that the testing regime wasn't rigorous enough to identify it. There was talk about changing it and doing more drugs tests outside of tournaments. I wonder if there are going to be a flurry of these sort of revelations or players 'skipping' tests.


GameSetAndMatch Wed 31-Jul-13 19:16:34

seize shock!

the media and forums are always sepeculating that Rafas TOO fit (as in energetic!)and eg-to come back from injury and then win everything till the end of he Fench was suspicious. (not my words)

and that in the past the top players have been er-overlooked?

Pat cash d Agasssi have both admitted to 'stuff' yet the LTA haven't stripped them of titles like the bike people (!) did to Lance Armstrong.

Witt Wed 31-Jul-13 17:52:26


siezethenight Wed 31-Jul-13 12:00:59

Have I missed something regarding Rafa? In-between all the water contamination, house move, diabolical mess after it - a scrap with tax credits. A poncy chap from disability informing me my son was not that disabled - huh - luckily for him, he is in Belfast and I can not simply pop out to throttle the actual living shit out of him - I have appealed it goes without saying. Confidence is high on success (she says while looking up voodoo spells and find a cauldron).
A police visit over a speeding ticket which I objected to most strongly - it's a long and dull story and included cat vomit and hair not washed for 4 days but all is well so no worries... I have been muddle-headed and have missed the tennis chat.
What's up with Rafa?

GameSetAndMatch Tue 30-Jul-13 18:54:43

seize hope your waters sorted. it did rain, did you have an outside shower? grin.

oh no, now CILIC ????????? CILIC?????????????? he of the adorable innocent looking face???????????

and sorry Raah and the rest but theres alwasy speculation about Rafa yet ..............

siezethenight Mon 29-Jul-13 08:15:42

bbm On Saturday they said 48 more hours. Its still rubbish today though, just ran the taps and the hot water is the worst one today. Its slate grey in colour. I know you have to run the taps to flush them but hell if I am running our hot water for 45 minutes to flush it - its expensive is gas! Checked their website, it still says work is ongoing. So will wait. Going to my Nan's for a shower later.

clay It hadn't rained, there were no puddles anywhere for them to drink so they have to have mineral water grin It did rain last night though so hopefully they will back up on roof tops slurping the rain water from this morning.
Taught the offspring a great lesson in care in the community though - got the water? Yes, good. Now get back in line and get some from the old woman we used to live next door to, and then again for the lady opposite. We'll drop it all off on way home.
Grunt. Sluggish walk and queue up again. But when it was delivered? They felt great. Till old lady opposite thanked Dd younger then asked her to pop to the shop to get her stamps please grin

BBMs Sun 28-Jul-13 22:46:05

Btw... LOL at your cats drinking mineral water, Sieze!

BBMs Sun 28-Jul-13 22:44:55

Good evening ladies! Have been lost for a few days helping a neighbour and then trying figure out who the hell is getting into my flat and moving things around... Very disturbing! Even thinking of setting up CCTV inside my own home!

Sieze, have just read you have no water! Poor you... Have you been told when is the water coming back? Hope it gets sorted soon.

My sky dish got installed yesterday morning! Guess what?!
I'm now watching Radwanska/Cibulkova playing the Bank of the West Championship grin [tennis]

ClayDavis Sun 28-Jul-13 22:01:54

My cats are drinking mineral water - posh or what

Only on Mumsnet grin


siezethenight Sun 28-Jul-13 21:22:19

Still no water. Half the area were lined up like refugees this afternoon while big lorries filled with water bottles came and went as they got emptied out.
The gossip was gossip - the water has been contaminated with something and water board are having trouble flushing it out. There are no burst pipes.
Its amazing how fast you get used to change though. How you can work your way around things and work stuff out as a compromise.
My cats are drinking mineral water - posh or what grin
I am off for my mineral wash down in the sink... Good job it is July and not December, bit cold otherwise...

GameSetAndMatch Sun 28-Jul-13 20:36:33

have you got baby wipes and stuff? i swear by them when theres a water stoppage or somewthing.

siezethenight Sat 27-Jul-13 23:05:47

Moan, groan... We have no water. Well, we have it and its green then we have nothing then its green again. Lots of automated phone calls from water board warning us not to drink the water, use it to cook, use it for babies things, wash in it... Its been like this since 4pm Friday and we got another call today saying a further 48 hours they think. Free water bottles up the road by farm so hiked on up today for a crate full. Have to go up again tomorrow allowed 2 crates then - joyful.
I washed this evening in the bathroom sink with an 'emergency bottle water' courteous of Welsh Water that. Do they not know that we stink!? grin
Move went well - had no choice but to bond with people there as we are all in same boat, no water. Thought one woman up the farm was going to throttle the water man for only allowing 1 crate each household this evening. I was braced for a fight... Not sure if it was amusing or just sad but int he end, I took my crate and buggered off not wanting to be a witness to anything dire. There is no bottle water left in any shops here. Got to go miles for some.
Apparently and this is gossip - three water pipes have burst, main artery pipes, they can't locate them to fix them.
I quite literally prayed for rain today - just to feel water on my skin. I would have been prepared to go naked up my garden and wash in a huge, heavy, thunderous downpour - none came. My neighbours ought to be grateful - I was totally up for it grin
Should be aching in all manner of muscles tomorrow after this house move.

GameSetAndMatch Sat 27-Jul-13 18:20:17

seize weve moved a million times and its a nightmare so know how you feel. hope it goes well.

bitchy midwife agree.

ClayDavis Sat 27-Jul-13 14:34:33

Hope the move is going OK, seize. That's definitely cheeky about the 'mother' thing. I do have family who have an 'adopted' daughter in a similar way, but the difference her family live in Australia so are thousands of miles away. They make up her UK family. There's a massive difference between that and living a few streets away and no one would refer to her mum as her 'real' mum.

siezethenight Sat 27-Jul-13 08:11:55

I like Fed - he's a bit of a machine, or was... I like how all of the players today have a shot at it though. You just do not know today who is the dead cert.

game she was a witch midwife. I had no pain relief, went too fast and gas and air makes me faint. All throughout she told me to, 'stop being silly now.' And after the birth, she stitched me up without numbing or even a paracetamol first. I asked, she tutted at me and got on with it. Every time I was holding Ri, she would waltz in and take her from me, put her back in the crib and tell me it was dangerous to hold her in case I dropped her, uh, okay, she's number 3 but I won't touch her in case I drop her like a hot spud...
We do sing that Duran song to her when it comes on radio she laughs like a fool, secretly she loves it! She was actually named after a gladiator.

Today is moving out day - I feel slightly sick in my belly. The day arrives and I am not liking it. Bazaar. I have barely seen Dd this week as she has been painting and so on. She's moving 3 doors away from a friend of hers and her family.They are calling her their 'adopted' daughter now. I was introduced to a family member like this on Thursday:
'This is Dd's mother...'
'Oh!' (Laugh) 'Yes, I mean her real mother...'
Didn't like it all that much. Being silly perhaps, too much upheaval within my walls. I don't function well under chaos and disorder. But thing is Dd younger, Ri - she did not like it either and asked if we could come home pretty soon after it and told me in the car on way home that I would always be her real mother and it was cheeky.
Anyhow - lets get to the end of today and go from there smile

GameSetAndMatch Fri 26-Jul-13 18:01:34

Thing is Feds experimenting with new racquets-not taking anything away from the players that have beaten him recently.

but 'if it aint broke, don't fix it' or whatever the saying is. so why doesnt he stick with his good old faithful racquets?

itd be a shame for him to 'wimper' out, i dont like him, but at least hes gone back to being 'human' !

Raahh Fri 26-Jul-13 17:45:50

I read about Fed- I hope he can find some form. It would be rubbish if he suddenly slumped. But I think he has a back injury- which is quite unusual for Federer, he has always been quite lucky, injury wise.

And not good news about Troiki- things like that always reflect badly on other players. Seems a bit daft not to provide a sample, really.

Was it Korda who tested positive for steroids?

And Rio is a great name, sieze.

I wish I had Eurosportsad - but i am probably going to watch the athletics later, and reminisce about the 'Lympicsgrin

GameSetAndMatch Fri 26-Jul-13 17:21:00

seize that midwife had no right to tell you what to call your child. I like the name Rio. very Duran duran! grin.

Heard the news about Troiki?

and Feds lost AGAIN in early stages of tournament.

btw [tennis] on eurosport at the mo, Madison Keys playing.

Raahh Fri 26-Jul-13 12:17:57


last day at school today. Then 5 weeks of listening to ds and dd1 argue over 'minecraft' grin

Witt Fri 26-Jul-13 11:48:14


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