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WIMBLEDON 2013 - Potato, Terminator, Grumpy Scot (who is British when he's winning) and The Other One. It's men's semi finals day!

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Chubfuddler Fri 05-Jul-13 10:39:32

Nice new thread.

Chubfuddler Fri 05-Jul-13 11:57:19

Kyle Edmund is just getting underway but I can't find it anywhere or even live scores on BBC tennis.

BaconAndAvocado Fri 05-Jul-13 12:04:00

What's the order of play today?

Working 1-3 so pleeeeease be Potato first!


Chubfuddler Fri 05-Jul-13 12:04:53

Potato and terminator are up first.

BaconAndAvocado Fri 05-Jul-13 12:05:34

Is Terminator Djokovic or the Polish guy who was reeeeeeLly overwhelmingly happy to win his quarter final!

Maryz Fri 05-Jul-13 12:05:38

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MirandaWest Fri 05-Jul-13 12:10:29

I've found it on the red button (I'm watching it through a TV app on my phone). Other one has just broken serve.

siezethenight Fri 05-Jul-13 12:10:54

I would dearly like Murray in the final. However, whoever is in the final I only hope its a cracking matchup because yesterdays ladies first semi was really really dull. Don;t want that. More so as its the last match of the tennis and the only one on aside from doubles all day Sunday and I want to go out on a bang!

Raahh Fri 05-Jul-13 12:11:03

I've got it on channel 991 (virgin)- which is no help, if you don't have Virgingrin

Chubfuddler Fri 05-Jul-13 12:14:28

djok is the terminator. The man is a machine.

Raahh Fri 05-Jul-13 12:14:39

I just hope Del Potato's match today isn't as stressful as the Rafa/Nole semi at the French. Blimey, that was a stressful.

Maryz Fri 05-Jul-13 12:14:55

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Raahh Fri 05-Jul-13 12:15:05


i hate my keyboard todaygrin

Raahh Fri 05-Jul-13 12:19:47

Maryz- poor Ds has been counting the days until the tennis endsgrin . I feel really crap for him today <rant alert> - the school in their wisdom have decided to take a group of 6-8 year 6 children to China in October. They only told us yesterday how much it is going to be, and there's no way we can ever afford it. sad Ds was so upset last night- there's no guarantee he'd have been chosen, but even so, I wish I could have given him the chance.

So, I need cheering up. Because I feel like the worlds worst mothersad Vamos Del Potato!

Raahh Fri 05-Jul-13 12:20:54

(but even though I feel sorry for him- he ain't getting his hands on the remotegrin)

MirandaWest Fri 05-Jul-13 12:22:42

That is a really weird thing for the school to do IMO. Also my DS is only finishing year 4 but I can't imagine being happy about him going to china in just over a years time. Plus I couldn't afford it anyway.

In my DCs school there's a two night residential trip in year 5 and a 4 night one in year 6. Both in this country. That sounds about right to me tbh.

NoComet Fri 05-Jul-13 12:29:29

Finally got round to putting on my Wimbledon name change, couldn't be arsed when we lost Feds and Rafa.

But having lost Serena (much as I like her, doughnuts aren't her fault, but they are dull), Shrieker and AzerNeedEarProtection, we have got some good matches.

Would have liked Dork to slip over too, he's also too good and a bit dull.

Anyway place marking until I've sewn up DDs hem (£18 skirts should last more than two washes!)

GlaikitFizzog Fri 05-Jul-13 12:30:16

Sheesh! I thought I lost you all! Swimming has been done, currently feeding time at the zoo and I hope a nice long nap this afternoon for ds!

Can someone tell me what time terminator v poleveriser starts?

Raahh Fri 05-Jul-13 12:30:51

Miranda- they go to a residential at the end of year 6- for years it was an outdoor pursuits type place, not too far away. Then, one year, they got International school status, or something, and the then year 6's went to Iceland. But it was only £30 a head . Ever since then- they have gone to Gibralter, because a succession of parents didn't think it was fair 'their' kids didn't get to go abroadhmm for 4 days. I've been stressed enough over paying for that! it's really got outof hand, imo.

Anyway, hopefully Ds will be feeling a bit brighter this afternoon. He totally understands why he can't go, but it's been so hyped, it's no wonder he's disappointed.

Bring on the tennis!

Raahh Fri 05-Jul-13 12:31:44

Should be 1pm, Glaikit

GlaikitFizzog Fri 05-Jul-13 12:32:35

Ooh, ok, best get the master up to bed then!

NoComet Fri 05-Jul-13 12:32:44

Hope spud-u-likes knee holds up.
Dork will flatten Murry if he's playing as badly as in the 1/4s

Raahh Fri 05-Jul-13 12:33:21

I just hope Del Potato has been main-lining his magic calpol all morning. or perhaps having a nap, like Bartoligrin

Raahh Fri 05-Jul-13 12:34:49

grin dd2 has just come in from the garden to tell me there is a bee chasing her. She's quite crossgrin

Alibabaandthe40nappies Fri 05-Jul-13 12:37:33

I am currently enduring Ben and Holly, I've told DS2 that I'm changing the channel when it finishes. He will throw an almighty strop, he's showing no signs of needing a nap sad

HappyAsEyeAm Fri 05-Jul-13 12:39:20

Hello ladies. Lovely to be with you all again.

DS2 is down for his nap, so I am all systems go to sit in front of the television. Going to organise my refreshments now to maximise viewing time.

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