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WIMBLEDON - 2013- Second Set!

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Raahh Fri 28-Jun-13 08:34:21

Thought we'd have a new thread for today.

It is raining cats and dogs (technical term) here in theNorth West- I am not very hopeful of a full days play at Wimbledon. but fingers crossed. The weather bloke last night today would be 'Frustrating Friday'in terms of play. Fond of alliteration, those Wimbledon types.


As I thought,Robson has had an up-grade from court 2 to centre, which should give her a boost.

Looking forward to see if Dimitrov pulls through- and
first upon number 1 court.

siezethenight Fri 28-Jun-13 12:59:56

Btw - is it wrong to fancy John McEnroe?

Raahh Fri 28-Jun-13 13:00:46

Sadly- the fair never gets rained offangry. Am still drying out from last year. Ds is playing steel pans beneath the school gazebo- which last year sprung a leakgrin I hope they've fixed it. I will not be volunteering to walk around the village with DD1 and the rainbowsgrin
(will have my hands full trying not to lose dd2)tennis

siezethenight Fri 28-Jun-13 13:00:58

Roof is on now Witt yes.

Raahh Fri 28-Jun-13 13:01:21

sieze - no


(although he occasionally does talk rubbishgrin)

siezethenight Fri 28-Jun-13 13:01:58

But he plays an absolute mean guitar Raahh as well as bonkers tennis... He's just fabulous.

Raahh Fri 28-Jun-13 13:02:11

grin at the thought of your grown up children stuck in a playpen, like the Rugrats.sieze

Raahh Fri 28-Jun-13 13:03:16

Laura is very tallenvy

siezethenight Fri 28-Jun-13 13:06:22

Ohhh, John McEnroe is so fertile....

siezethenight Fri 28-Jun-13 13:06:58

I loved The Rugrats when they were little! Is that still on?

Raahh Fri 28-Jun-13 13:10:18

I haven't seen the Rugrats for years!
fertile- behave!

Actually, is Dustin playing today? woof....

OhYouBadBadKitten Fri 28-Jun-13 13:10:31

Covers coming off? They are brave, there's a block of heavy showers behind this main band that looks like it will arrive soon.

Raahh Fri 28-Jun-13 13:11:21

The covers are off tennis

Raahh Fri 28-Jun-13 13:11:49

Frustrating Friday will live up to it's name, I think.

siezethenight Fri 28-Jun-13 13:14:16

Raahh Did you just bark? shock

Witt Fri 28-Jun-13 13:16:00

although he occasionally does talk rubbishgrin

occasionally?? hmm

Raahh Fri 28-Jun-13 13:19:58

Sieze - I didblush It's essential to 'woof' at Dustin.

I'm not quite old enough to be his mother.

Witt Fri 28-Jun-13 13:24:01

They keeping touting Robson as having top 10 potential but I thought Watson was supposed to be a more natural player than her with a better game. Have I missed something?

Raahh Fri 28-Jun-13 13:27:11

Witt I think Watson is better too, personally. I think the couple of years age difference, and Watson's illness has pushed her back a bit. Robson can be very inconsistent.

Raahh Fri 28-Jun-13 13:29:28

oooh- just seen on my red button channel things that play on the outside may start at 1.30.

Vamos Ferrer!

siezethenight Fri 28-Jun-13 13:29:47

Do you think, watching Robson today is like watching Murray a few years ago when he started coming to prominence, he was younger. His game had a lot of learning/improving to do? Now he is where and what he is. Is Robson of the same material? Are we watching a young player here on a journey to being in top 5 in the world when older?

Raahh Fri 28-Jun-13 13:30:49

good break back from Laura.

Chubfuddler Fri 28-Jun-13 13:31:15

Oh look, no one is whinnying like a demented goat. Clearly it is possible to play high level women's tennis without the histrionics.

Witt Fri 28-Jun-13 13:32:05

Raahh having been lucky enough to see Watson play at the French Open last year, I have to say I prefer her too. Her game is much nicer to watch. I hope she can put the glandular fever behind her quickly and get back to British number one. That said, I obviously hope Robson does well at Wimbledon this year.

JaquelineHyde Fri 28-Jun-13 13:35:33

Oooh Dustin must be playing today <swoon>

Robson is an amazing talent and is really beginning to come into her own. I think if she can avoid injury she has a really good chance of winning Wimbledon one day. Not sure about any of the other slams as I think she needs the home support to really push her on but I would love to be proved wrong.

Raahh Fri 28-Jun-13 13:36:03

envy Witt at going to RG, I'd love to go there.
Yes, good luck to Robson! We need a woman in the second week.!

Dimitrov and Zemlja are just knocking up.

The warm up maybe longer than the culmination of the matchgrin

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