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BB Eviction: Sezer,Leah or Dickie

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SHHHH Thu 01-Jun-06 09:31:06

Go on then...just say the name of who you want to evict tomorrow...

No resons etc just a name....

For curiosity mainly,to see what mners are voting....Will get back to you with the results...

Piffle Thu 01-Jun-06 09:35:43


dewmeadow Thu 01-Jun-06 09:36:21


FairyMum Thu 01-Jun-06 09:36:43

Sezer of course. Everyone I know are voting him out!

JonesTheSteam Thu 01-Jun-06 09:36:57

Sezer (I'm not watching it, honest!!!!!)

Normsnockers Thu 01-Jun-06 09:37:37

Message withdrawn

jessicaandrebeccasmummy Thu 01-Jun-06 09:38:39


TheLadyVanishes Thu 01-Jun-06 09:38:45


martian Thu 01-Jun-06 09:39:09



and I'm so looking forward to seeing his face when he knows he's up for eviction

TheLadyVanishes Thu 01-Jun-06 09:40:54

he knows! and he thinks its leah going to be the one to go (bigheaded twat)

FairyMum Thu 01-Jun-06 09:44:58

And when he goes, Imogen and Grace are going to the bathroom to cry for aaaaaages.

Normsnockers Thu 01-Jun-06 09:45:22

Message withdrawn

Pinotmum Thu 01-Jun-06 09:45:33

Sezer, pleeese. The guy is vile and thinks girls will vote to keep him in! I can hear the booing already.

faeriemum Thu 01-Jun-06 09:45:45

sezer ...have voted

Pinotmum Thu 01-Jun-06 09:47:10

When he called the new girl "a ghetto ho'" I really felt there was no way back for the guy. Out out out!

jessicaandrebeccasmummy Thu 01-Jun-06 09:47:43

He is VILE.... i thought he was lush when he first went in, but oh my god what a complete tosser! What with the "the girls will vote for me, i know the girls will keep me in"

WTF???? Arrogant twat.

(Excuse my language)

alittlebitshy Thu 01-Jun-06 09:47:50

sezer. voted as the credits came up last night. how sad?

Whizzz Thu 01-Jun-06 09:48:36


Kelly1978 Thu 01-Jun-06 09:50:04

Interesting that it unaminous. I'm not bothered about any of those three tbh. I wanted Grace to go. I suppose if I had to choose it would be Lea, just because I don't think she should be there and she needs to get out before she really starts to get depressed.

Pinotmum Thu 01-Jun-06 09:50:10

I said to dh when Sezer first did his intro to camera (first night) "oh he seems very genuine, he may be the winner" I thought he had sincerity in his eyes. I must hae had shit in mine DH keeps reminding me in a mimicy voice

Normsnockers Thu 01-Jun-06 09:50:55

Message withdrawn

Esmummy Thu 01-Jun-06 09:51:28


Kelly1978 Thu 01-Jun-06 09:52:22

Am I the only one who thinks Sezer might get a reprieve then? I jsut have the idea that many teenage girls might fancy him regardless.

TheLadyVanishes Thu 01-Jun-06 09:55:09

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO he has to go, want to watch imogens face crumble when they announce his name and then watch mikey and grace suck up to the others when they realise their 'group' has diminished

Kathy1972 Thu 01-Jun-06 10:05:19

Sezer! Sezer! Sezer!

(And I've only voted twice before, once for Anna to win because I loved her and once to try and get out awful violent Jason in BB5.)

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