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The Voice- it's the FINAL!!

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Raahh Sat 22-Jun-13 14:49:14

I am currently 23 floor up in rhe Hilton in manchester. I am drinking cocktails- yet I am sad I will miss the voice final.

C' mon everyone, Matt to win!

cocolepew Sat 22-Jun-13 19:19:45

Jessie sounded good

Wolfcub Sat 22-Jun-13 19:19:52

I'm pretty sure they obly picked that song because there weren't too many words to learn

Jux Sat 22-Jun-13 19:20:09

Hi everyone.

I thought that was the most consummate display of how NOT to perform a song. Utterly awful.

Gooseysgirl Sat 22-Jun-13 19:20:16

Holly doing her bit for the ratings again...

spudmasher Sat 22-Jun-13 19:20:24

Ohhhh Holly's's as high as it is low.....

Wolfcub Sat 22-Jun-13 19:20:50

what the chuff is holly wearing

SuePurblybilt Sat 22-Jun-13 19:20:51

So Andrea <oh dear>
Cuntry Asbo
Matt (there IS a Matt! Will He's Not)
and El Squeako

I'm with Matt. In as much as I care at all.

SuePurblybilt Sat 22-Jun-13 19:21:06

You may be seated, Judges <nods>

spudmasher Sat 22-Jun-13 19:21:29

Ooohhhh Michael Buble...........

cocolepew Sat 22-Jun-13 19:21:47

Holly looks like she's wearing those plastic boobs so beloved of stag parties

spudmasher Sat 22-Jun-13 19:22:10

Tell us about your nan, Mike

RedToothBrush Sat 22-Jun-13 19:22:11

Who is more pointless?

Reg or Holly?
(and no puns about Holly's points)

cocolepew Sat 22-Jun-13 19:22:19

The bubble oo-er missus, I so would.

SuePurblybilt Sat 22-Jun-13 19:22:22

Holly sporting the Helena Bonham DooDah couture range there. Special pockets in the skirts for those 'hidden' extras when you're shopping.

S'Toma wandered off a bit there, didn't he?

KneeDeepInDaisies Sat 22-Jun-13 19:22:26

I really don't get Cuntry Mike.

Who voted for him?

LottieJenkins Sat 22-Jun-13 19:22:40

Did anyone else notice what looked like a cut or a graze on the side of Jessies head.............Or was it just me?confused

BOF Sat 22-Jun-13 19:22:47

I would love to know what special engineering sorcery is involved in creating the Willoughby boobage.

spudmasher Sat 22-Jun-13 19:22:50

Ha coco!!! DD just said her cleavage is drawn on!!

SuePurblybilt Sat 22-Jun-13 19:22:51

I LOVE Mickey Bubbles now. Shitting in boxes or no.

nenevomito Sat 22-Jun-13 19:23:04

Whoop, whoop!

ShadeofViolet Sat 22-Jun-13 19:23:34

Mum didnt bother dressing up then.

cocolepew Sat 22-Jun-13 19:23:43

I'm rooting for Matt

LondonBus Sat 22-Jun-13 19:23:46

Mike to win!

BOF Sat 22-Jun-13 19:23:52

Oh yes, Bublé is a god to me now.

spudmasher Sat 22-Jun-13 19:24:13


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