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Supernatural....the Winchesters are back....

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LittleAbruzzenBear Thu 20-Jun-13 21:09:20

Yes! Have been waiting forever for this. Living tv 3rd July at 9pm. Cannot wait.

LittleAbruzzenBear Tue 24-Sep-13 14:28:14

It was really sad. On a happy note, so glad they had the montage at the beginning....Carry on my wayward son.... [one very happy SN geek]

HighBrows Mon 23-Sep-13 11:07:45

I'm almost certain we won't have to wait for season 9.

Wasn't the last scene really sad?

LittleAbruzzenBear Mon 23-Sep-13 10:44:55

I watched it High! I don't want to wait until Summer next year! I want to email Living and tell them to pull their finger out....

LittleAbruzzenBear Fri 20-Sep-13 16:27:17

High my lip is trembling, I am watching it tomorrow night as DH has been away, but back then. It always has me on the edge so I will be annoyed if Living make us wait a whole other year.

HighBrows Thu 19-Sep-13 17:53:33

I think my daughter told me there is ads running on sky living that its starting 8th Oct. it's being aired in America on this date too.

I cried at the last scene last night, so sad sad

I don't want to say too much so I don't ruin it for anyone wink

LittleAbruzzenBear Wed 18-Sep-13 18:42:28

I will be cross with Living if they make us wait until next Summer next year for Season 9!

Where did you see this Highbrows? I can't find anything online. The usual sources (here for example) have it listed as 'unknown, probably 2014' sad

Really? We're going to get it the same time as the US? Awesome and about bloody time too.

LittleAbruzzenBear Tue 17-Sep-13 13:49:09

Is that right about Season 9?! [getting ridiculously excited]

Whathaveiforgottentoday Mon 16-Sep-13 20:20:50

Wow really, 9th oct? Excellent news

HighBrows Mon 16-Sep-13 12:49:29

Sky Living are showing Season 9 on 8th of Oct. Yay!

I'm looking forward to the season finale.

Season 9 starts on 8th October but who knows when Living will actually show it, although maybe the reason they rushed S8 through 2 episodes at a time is because they're going to show S9 not long after the US? Wishful thinking I know... I am a bad and immoral person and shall watch US pace.

HighBrows Thu 12-Sep-13 10:06:50

Ok last one next week sad so how have we all found it.

Crowley was wonderful last night, grin he really knows how to get to them.

I love Cas, he really does try to be good.

I'm going to miss this when it finishes sad

LittleAbruzzenBear Fri 19-Jul-13 11:56:01

I love Benny too, but I was really pleased when Garth was in the fourth episode. I love him!

Dean: 'Did Garth just tell us what to do?'

Can I just say again how much I love Benny and the little jealousy pangs between him and Sam, and him and Cas?

LittleAbruzzenBear Sat 13-Jul-13 14:23:39

Hi Rufus. No wonder you got drunk if you had a drink every time that happened! grin

Rufus43 Sat 13-Jul-13 13:32:40

Hello, may I join. Love supernatural and have watched it from the start. Love dean, though I think all the characters are fab. Saying that I did hate Jo with a passion

I am rewatching series 7 at the momen and start all the series from the start at least once a year. Used to play a game when watching new episodes, every time Sam flared his nostrils and Dean frowned we would take a very drunk!

LittleAbruzzenBear Fri 12-Jul-13 16:19:27

That was a good episode with the werewolf. I enjoyed that. Agents Rose and Sambora.

Time for E3...

I do have a touch of the starry eyed adoration for Mr Collins I'm afraid and I love Cas. As much as I've watched the show from the pilot and understand it is really the Sam and Dean Show of unhealthy eroticco-dependence, since S4 it just isn't the same without a little bit of terminally confused BAMF angel in it.

LittleAbruzzenBear Wed 10-Jul-13 14:14:51

I got all soppy at the Winchester reunion too. blush

I need to know what happened to Cas! So, I've seen the first two episodes, will I have to wait long to find out? I need Cas back!

Ahhh, Mrs Dmitri, I know where your name is from now. I didn't realise that was Misha's birth name. smile

I also have a Supernatural nickname :P

Ditto - if those watching for the first time start talking then I'll join in, but I'm very wary of spoilers and talking about things with the perspective of having seen everything play out.

Having said that, can I just say how much I love Benny generally.

And how the Dean/Cas hug made me melt like a soppy 14yo.

And also that the Sam flashbacks actually annoy me more the second (ahem, third) time around.

Oh, and Kevin Tran is awesome.

ScarletLady02 Tue 09-Jul-13 20:11:30

I'm struggling because I've seen it all and don't want to spoil anything for anyone...

LittleAbruzzenBear Tue 09-Jul-13 16:52:48

Where are you all? Did you do a deal with Crowley?

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