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Doctors Addicts Anonymous Continued - the waiting room is full

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MsNobodyAgain Wed 19-Jun-13 18:41:59


This is a thread for all fans of the weekday soap Doctors, BBC1, 1.45pm. However, it's taking its annual break from 21st June until it returns on 22nd July.

Therefore, us fans are waiting patiently in the virtual waiting room.
- Mrs T is rearrrrrrrrrrranging the leaflets
- Zaniel are getting frisky in the cupboard (again)
- Al is spying on Jas eating her lunch (disclaimer: he may fancy the lunch more than Jas)

So regulars please sign in and take a seat. Newbies very welcome indeed as we plan to keep the thread going by talking drivel throughout the break. 'Tis fun grin

<pats waiting room chair invitingly>

Raahh Mon 29-Jul-13 23:16:41

and the [crown] has gone too.sad

cinnamongreyhound Tue 30-Jul-13 07:02:38

That was quick sad

MsNobodyAgain Tue 30-Jul-13 11:22:33

Gah! DS2 gets over his temperature and now DD is puking.

And her tablet for her birthday has been delivered to a house over the road. I have called twice. They are in but not answering the door. Why? Am I going to have to start a thread whinging my parcel has been stolen?


curlyclaz13 Tue 30-Jul-13 13:54:18

Random dog delivery ?
making names up for your food reviews ?
another quality script.
weather's looking good though.

cinnamongreyhound Tue 30-Jul-13 13:57:54

Poor you MsNobodyAgain sad

Reckon his dead wife sent the dog before she died.

cinnamongreyhound Tue 30-Jul-13 13:58:51

What is going on with 6tl and zara? It's beginning to annoy me, fighting over a room last week and patients this!

MsNobodyAgain Tue 30-Jul-13 14:02:59

I can't remember what originally sparked them off cinnamon. It's very annoying.

MsNobodyAgain Tue 30-Jul-13 14:07:37

This episode isn't WTF enough. It's just boring.

curlyclaz13 Tue 30-Jul-13 14:26:45

That was crap !

ClaimedByMe Tue 30-Jul-13 17:19:04

How long do you think they will let the Al and Jiz thing run on, that's just bloody boring.

Raahh Tue 30-Jul-13 17:43:43

I missed today, as I took dd1 to get her ears done. Her birthday is 3 weeks off, but I thought it would be better to give them longer to heal before school starts up again. She suddenly looks very grown upsad. It was all very quick,and efficient, and I don't even think she really noticed they'd done it till aftergrin.

I will catch up when I get 5 minutes peace (and the remote back). I really hate Boomerang and Scooby Bloody Do angry

MsNobodyAgain Tue 30-Jul-13 17:56:00

DD wants her ears pierced, like her best friend. She's already had her haircut like her. Must have a word before it gets to 'Single White Female' status. grin

I quite like the Al/Jiz storyline claimed. I don't think they will drag it out too long like EE and Corrie do (or did. That is part of the reason I gave up watching them years ago).

Raahh Tue 30-Jul-13 19:31:16

MsN- I've done quite well in that dd's best friend had her's done 18months ago- but she is nearly a year older than dd1(youngest inthe year), and it's only now dd1 has seemed interested. She sadly doeswant to grow her hair, like bf- against my judgement, as it's poker straight and super thick. It looks gorgeous in a neat short bobsad.

I've warned her though- too many complaints re-brushing, and I'll chop it off myself evil

toldmywrath Wed 31-Jul-13 11:40:11

MsNo -wasn't that a Doctors storyline a while ago? (parcels being taken in) life imitating crap art.
Hope you get it sorted.
I liked yesterday's story. The old bloke with dog was Kevin from Corrie's dad-this is the excuse being given in Corrie as to why the actor (who plays Kevin) is no longer there-he's looking after his sick dad in Germany (can anyone work out what this means & re word it for others I wonder

toldmywrath Wed 31-Jul-13 11:50:18

No_ I can't leave the above without a proper written explanation (must do better in the first place)
The actor Michael Le Vell who plays Kevin in Corrie has been allowed time off work pending his court case for alleged sex attack on a minor.
The storyline for him is that he is looking after his dad in Germany (the old bloke with the dog in Doctors)
Similarly, the actor Bill Roache (aka Ken Barlow) is off work pending his trial for alleged sex assault & his story line is that he is visiting his sick grandson in Canada. iirc
I don't think I've libelled any one here.

MsNobodyAgain Wed 31-Jul-13 12:09:03

I can't imagine mnhq reading this thread for potential libel. Mind you, they may just have a klaxon which sounds automatically. You never know.

I knew that fella yesterday looked familiar, but that's par for the course for Doctors.

I got the parcel in the end. I saw neighbour washing his car so I went out again. I have given DD the present early as she is fed up with being ill and she was getting it early anyway as she's not allowed to take it when we go on holiday next week.

First holiday in nearly 5 years! Woo hoo.

curlyclaz13 Wed 31-Jul-13 13:59:14

nobody watching today ? illegal immigrants today. how come 6tl's son is so brummie ? or is that a stupid question considering it's doctors grin

curlyclaz13 Wed 31-Jul-13 14:11:54

quite deep and sad today, did they have a different script writter ?

cinnamongreyhound Wed 31-Jul-13 14:13:11

I'm watching but a bit behind on iplayer. It's cheerful today!!! I assume its because he was bought up in leatherbridge, it amazes me they get away with so few brummies to be honest!

cinnamongreyhound Wed 31-Jul-13 14:14:09

The boss man was in the bill I think. Reckon he shopped them to avoid paying them?

MsNobodyAgain Wed 31-Jul-13 14:45:10

Must admit I saw the write up for todays episode and it sounded too serious so I gave it a miss. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

curly they have different writers for nearly every episode. We once had a guy contribute on one of these threads saying he was one of the many scriptwriters.

Of course it could have just been a bored teenager or a mischievous lady called Marjorie pulling our leg. hmm grin

curlyclaz13 Wed 31-Jul-13 15:13:17

We should submit our own script !

Raahh Wed 31-Jul-13 16:36:29

missed today's- and still haven't seen yesterday. May end up writing this week off. We had a family outing to the Dental hospitalgrin-well, dh had an appointment, and we went round the corner to the museum, beats wasting the car park fee tight arse. All the best bits shut as usualsad We've been a few times this year though, and dd1 has been with school. I think the novelty is wearing offgrin

We never did get to the bottom of 'Martin' and Spooks-inspired episode. I think someone was having a larfsadgrin

MsNobodyAgain Wed 31-Jul-13 17:46:57

Maybe it was that really shit interesting episode involving Al. You know that dream sequence one where he got interrogated. It was off the WTF scale that one.

Kudos on the museum by the way. The furthest mine are going tomorrow is Sainsburys for lunch. grin

Raahh Wed 31-Jul-13 18:42:08

Al's dream sequence, I'd forgotten that! Yes, that was very wtf. grin

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