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Doctors Addicts Anonymous Continued - the waiting room is full

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MsNobodyAgain Wed 19-Jun-13 18:41:59


This is a thread for all fans of the weekday soap Doctors, BBC1, 1.45pm. However, it's taking its annual break from 21st June until it returns on 22nd July.

Therefore, us fans are waiting patiently in the virtual waiting room.
- Mrs T is rearrrrrrrrrrranging the leaflets
- Zaniel are getting frisky in the cupboard (again)
- Al is spying on Jas eating her lunch (disclaimer: he may fancy the lunch more than Jas)

So regulars please sign in and take a seat. Newbies very welcome indeed as we plan to keep the thread going by talking drivel throughout the break. 'Tis fun grin

<pats waiting room chair invitingly>

WhoKnowsWhereTheTimeGoes Wed 19-Jun-13 19:04:29

<elbows her way past the crowds of patients and the formidable Mrs Tembe at the desk>

Thank you MsN

doctorsnoddy Wed 19-Jun-13 19:06:09

Oh no, summer break! What will I do? And what will I watch when I'm doing the ironing?

Raahh Wed 19-Jun-13 19:48:13

yay! marking spot on sparkly new thread.

still need to watch today's. <must try harder>

AnneEyhtMeyer Wed 19-Jun-13 19:48:55

Put the Rrrrredbush on, I'm ready for two weeks of inane chat with no actual programme to watch!

Lovely new thread, MsN.

Raahh Wed 19-Jun-13 19:49:37

Right...I'm going in....

AnneEyhtMeyer Wed 19-Jun-13 19:50:21

I haven't watched today's yet either, Raahh. I wonder if it is still snowy?

Raahh Wed 19-Jun-13 19:52:54

It's busy at the Millshock

Al is a bit of a knob.
Haha at the neighbour commenting on the weather 'for the time of year' grin

Raahh Wed 19-Jun-13 19:53:32

Anne- it's like watching Ski Sunday.

AnneEyhtMeyer Wed 19-Jun-13 19:57:30

Oh really, Raahh? My friend is going to the local snowdome today - I should have told her to go to Letherbridge instead.

Raahh Wed 19-Jun-13 19:59:11

Mrs T has lost her little Jesussmile

6tl's hair is really irritating me-very wiggy.

And the paranoid druggies....
I did like 6tl and Mrs t bobbing up and down behind the reception desk.

Raahh Wed 19-Jun-13 20:00:13

Anne- Letherbridge is the new <insert name of trendy ski resort>

Raahh Wed 19-Jun-13 20:01:49

Mrs T making house calls to find jesus- very WTF

quack. What a silly name.

Raahh Wed 19-Jun-13 20:09:26

'you'd be quackers to take quack'

Clepto woman looks like she is wearing a frock from one of the 'my husband is a transvestite' episodes.

MsNobodyAgain Wed 19-Jun-13 20:41:33

Yay! Nice to see the check ins. It's getting full in here! Arf.

I am watching todays tomorrow, and I will have to watch tomorrows tomorrow night as I am vair busy.

By the way, Mum won at bingo. That's a nice £60 in my pocket grin. Ker-ching!

WhoKnowsWhereTheTimeGoes Wed 19-Jun-13 20:50:17

Ker-ching! Well done MsNSenior

AnneEyhtMeyer Wed 19-Jun-13 20:55:46

Oh, that's excellent news! I thought I was the one on a winning streak - this week I won £25 on premium bonds and £7 (yes, a whole £7) on Euromillions! I won't let it change me.

I'll be watching the Apprentice tonight, so I think Doctors will have to wait until tomorrow.

WhoKnowsWhereTheTimeGoes Wed 19-Jun-13 21:53:44

I won £25 on the premium bonds last week too smile. However we went to the races on Saturday and didn't win a single penny between us.

Raahh Wed 19-Jun-13 22:01:51

I won£2.60 on the euro millions. I promise not to change. Chucks thanks at thread .

Realises is now £10 poorergrin

AnneEyhtMeyer Wed 19-Jun-13 22:28:00

Oh look at us! We are all in the money! A few quid more and we could splash out on one of those new 90" TVs, so we could watch Doctors in larger-than-real-life! It would be like we were actually sitting in the waiting room! (Obviously we'd need salopettes).

MsNobodyAgain Wed 19-Jun-13 22:35:09

Anne stop using words I have to Google please.

And, annnnnd ... Mum won last week as well so I got £60 then too. As Henry Enfield would say "I am considerably richer than you"

No flowers. Tis mine, all mine. grin

AnneEyhtMeyer Wed 19-Jun-13 22:39:19

Think of it as an education, MsN.

Sadly, we are in the era of tuition fees, so lets call it £60 shall we? wink

cinnamongreyhound Wed 19-Jun-13 23:50:39

Checking in, have had a crap evening and can't sleep sad

curlyclaz13 Thu 20-Jun-13 01:42:45

Checking in for maternity leave entertainment.

MsNobodyAgain Thu 20-Jun-13 07:26:38

curly That is how many an addict gets sucked in, maternity leave.

cinnamon sad. I didn't have a bad evening but sleep was elusive for me as well. I did wake up drenched in sweat (nice) at one point so I must have slept a bit. My hair is dead frizzy today. Aaaargh!

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