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OMG! Is anyone watching Desperate Housewives on RTE?

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dewmeadow Tue 30-May-06 22:24:26

PLease? ANybody> Need to discuss. (afraid of being a spoiler)

Piffle Tue 30-May-06 22:31:05

I've seen it in the US could I help?

dewmeadow Tue 30-May-06 22:55:04

I just love Lynette and her family and I an DEVASTATED about Tom. He seemed so perfect - this is the episode where she catches him. My faith in TV men has been shattered.

And what about the nutter woman who cut off her fingers? I cant stand Paul and Im feeling sorry for him!

But poor Lynette..sob

skerriesmum Wed 31-May-06 00:02:04

Paul isn't entirely in the wrong... just wait and see!

skerriesmum Wed 31-May-06 00:02:22

Oops, I mean Tom. An interesting twist to come!

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