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dpes rebecca loos deserve what she is getting

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LadyCodofCOdford Tue 30-May-06 21:52:14

i really feel for eher tbh in THIs instance

Twiglett Tue 30-May-06 21:53:22

tell .. do tell

saw sharon lay into her last night .. but haven't watched tonight

mummylovesus Tue 30-May-06 21:53:42

well she was quick enough to air her dirty laundry to the public in the papers and on her interview!!

LadyCodofCOdford Tue 30-May-06 21:53:50

she is alsking her if she has naythign in her thraost and ebeing bullyish relaly
i think if iw ere rebecca id have punched her

charliecat Tue 30-May-06 21:54:06

whats happening where, missing this..

WelshBoris Tue 30-May-06 21:54:30

sharon is doing it to suck up to vicky beckham and for the ratings to go up


the slut is famous for shagging a married man she gets no sympathy from me

emkana Tue 30-May-06 21:54:43

Well Rebecca Loos is a waste of space.

Famous for shagging somebody and now a career as a reality TV person.


charliegirl25 Tue 30-May-06 21:54:45

Message withdrawn

LadyCodofCOdford Tue 30-May-06 21:54:57

wherreas he is a national treasure

2shoes Tue 30-May-06 21:55:03

come on cod tell us

Pruni Tue 30-May-06 21:55:06

Message withdrawn

Snafu Tue 30-May-06 21:55:07

What's happening? Surely no-one's saying she's a talentless slapper who's only fit for providing hand relief for bored livestock?

LadyCodofCOdford Tue 30-May-06 21:55:21

thye are drooppy imo

WelshBoris Tue 30-May-06 21:56:05

she went to their party thing

all celebs are friends they all have BBQs and tupperware parties

charliegirl25 Tue 30-May-06 21:56:12

Message withdrawn

mummylovesus Tue 30-May-06 21:56:16

but she was totally blase and not to mention full of detail about her affair with DB and not care who she was hurting in the process on tv and VB and DB have children and she wanted the world to know what they had done!!

LadyWitchofWaterford Tue 30-May-06 21:56:40

I think DAVID Beckham is the one who deserves a slagging tbg. I said SLagging. But Rebecca Loos is very undignified in general. I am not watching the prog, this is entirely my own prejudice.

misdee Tue 30-May-06 21:56:42

she is talentless slapper who is only famous for shagging beckham and giving a handjob to a farm animal. she deserves everything she gets. and the fact she is teamed up with hewitt does her no fqavours.

LadyCodofCOdford Tue 30-May-06 21:57:15

30 posts in 10 mins

LadyCodofCOdford Tue 30-May-06 21:57:27

no in 5 mins!

Snafu Tue 30-May-06 21:57:42

Oh, you know you'd have a crack at him if you could, www

WelshBoris Tue 30-May-06 21:57:45

beckham is england captain though

and hes a man

so no slagging for him from tabloids

Pruni Tue 30-May-06 21:58:11

Message withdrawn

winniewoo Tue 30-May-06 21:58:18

Loved the apology bit from sharon..he.he...

ssd Tue 30-May-06 21:59:06

don't agree with what she did, but it was DB who was married and put it about, she wasn't married. Now she's a slut and he's still a hero....load of crap.

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