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why is it that all the programme si watch are finishing?!!!

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buffythenappyslayer Fri 26-May-06 12:35:20

saw advertised that charmed is finishing next week for good.

will and grace is finishing soon (dont know when though!)

it wont be long before desperate housewives and lost finish (but ive heard that there will be a season 3 of lost!)

so all that is going to be left to watch are mindnumbing repeats and far too many reality shows!!(like bb but its taken a week to get into it!!)

anyone know of any other programmes aboutto end for good!

lahdeedah Fri 26-May-06 12:38:36

but will & grace and charmed aren't very good any more... I think that once a show has jumped the shark it's best to end it then and there rather than dragging on as a pale ghost of its former self.

there are loads of other good shows to watch - eg House & Grey's Anatomy last night were fab.

onwards and upwards, I say!!

buffythenappyslayer Fri 26-May-06 12:40:25

is greys anatomy that is showing now the repeat that was on living tv last year?

havent watched house have to say.seen it advertised though and it does look good.

have you seen supernatural?ive only seen one episode,didnt even know about it til then!

lahdeedah Fri 26-May-06 13:51:41

Grey's Anatomy on 5 is a repeat of the first series - I didn't see it when it was on Living.

House is brilliant - best thing on telly!

Haven't seen Supernatural, but my sister loves it and she is a big Charmed fan. I don't think I'll watch it as I don't have time to get hooked on another TV show, I watch too much as it is!!

Jbck Fri 26-May-06 17:13:52

There's loads left of W&G. we're actually just getting the tail end of season 7 & there's a season 8 to go but I presume Ch4 will just run them together.
Lost is fabby this series I've seen up to ep 19, not sure how may there are this series. Love Greys wish it would get to next series as well.
Trying to catch up on the NYPDs on More4 but I'm about 6 in arrears & they're running about 2 or 3 seasons 4 nights a week till it's finished.
I can barely fit BB7 in around it all!

YellowFeathers Fri 26-May-06 17:16:45

Are you joking about Lost?
Theres about 20 episodes isn't there?

Am gutted about Green Wing. I was really enjoying that.

faeriemum Fri 26-May-06 18:13:23

there are 24 episodes on lost season 2....ive seen them all..ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh myyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy goddddddddddddddddddddd

prison break has finished too....ohhhhhhhhhhh myyyyyyyyyyy goddddddddddddddddd

buffythenappyslayer Fri 26-May-06 18:27:13

been watching W&G on living and its the final series!boooooooo to living tv!!!

how far are we through lost?

do we get to find out what the polar bears were all about and what that black mist thing is???

are they all dead??(my thoughts from series one!)

Enid Fri 26-May-06 18:34:18

nypd blue is ace

compo Fri 26-May-06 18:37:05

ER finishes on Thursday too. Luckily for me I love reality tv so shall be watching BB as well as Celebrity X Factor!!

buffythenappyslayer Fri 26-May-06 18:38:26

im just getting into bb,didnt like the first couple of days,theyre always crap!
glynn is from near where we live,but you wouldnt think so the way people round here are calling him!!

compo Fri 26-May-06 18:39:39

really? Why don't they like him? I think he's fairly inoffensive so far, very quiet!!

buffythenappyslayer Fri 26-May-06 18:48:53

my friend owns a shop and she said that people are saying that hes portraying 'us' to be dim!
she said no one likes him in bleanau as hes a pratt.i dont know him,but alot round here do.

Californifrau Fri 26-May-06 18:53:57

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Jbck Fri 26-May-06 21:57:09

I think they've overloaded W&G with too many celeb guests & it's become a bit of a parody of itself. Still watch it tho'

dewmeadow Fri 26-May-06 22:31:50

Faeriemum!! Please tell us - do you actually discover anything of any importance or interest in lost?

Im dying to hear what other people think is going on. Or perhaps peopl dont give a shit

faeriemum Sat 27-May-06 10:41:31

LOST - well its find ALOT out and you get some answers...but with the answers MORE questions come lets just say there's alot more to come.....
i have season 2 if anyone would like to borrow it

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