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What comedians make your skin crawl.

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trapenfold Sun 02-Jun-13 10:19:20

It's Sunday morning. Man is looking at a job, DD is snoring, I'm alone, bitter, watching saved HIGNFY on telly. Uuurrrgghh Skinner hosting, how fucking horrible is he? I can't watch now.

TheFunStopsHere Sun 02-Jun-13 10:20:48

Jimmy Carr. His laugh. His face. His jokes. Ugh.

CheesyPoofs Sun 02-Jun-13 10:22:12

I agree with jimmy carr

peggotty Sun 02-Jun-13 10:22:14

Oh yes, he looks like a turtle who's been evicted from its shell. And he looks like the type who licks his lips a lot. I'm sure he's a lovely person etc etc.

You will get a million replies saying Russell Brand of course...

Lexagon Sun 02-Jun-13 10:24:16

Russell Howard. I find his whole "Wouldn't it be funny...right...if a ninja...and a badger...had a fight! Lol Daily Mail" shtick crashingly unfunny. (Although I have made a point of avoiding anything with him in for the last couple of years, so he might have improved...)

trapenfold Sun 02-Jun-13 10:25:34

Brand, oh yes, forgot about that bumhole. Comedian y'say?

trapenfold Sun 02-Jun-13 10:26:31

Lexagon he hasn't

dopeysheep Sun 02-Jun-13 10:27:24

Lee Evans.
So sweaty.

trapenfold Sun 02-Jun-13 10:27:41

I do quite like Paul Merton since he's dropped that stupid Buster Keaton impression he used to do.

Gigondas Sun 02-Jun-13 10:27:48

Alan Davies. Russell Howard doesn't make my skin crawl but he isn't very funny. Also the professional cockney bloke mickey Flanagan - not funny.

I quite like frank skinner .

Greydog Sun 02-Jun-13 10:29:09

Alan Davies, Frank Skinner, Russell Howard

trapenfold Sun 02-Jun-13 10:29:41

Yes Flannagan is about as funny as cystitis.

trapenfold Sun 02-Jun-13 10:32:04

Russell Howard, yes definitely a skin crawler. He sucks his little cheeks in in photo's. Vane little git. That Good News show is utter crap

SirChenjin Sun 02-Jun-13 10:35:42

Jimmy Carr

The welsh bloke who SHOUTS A LOT because that somehow makes it funnier hmm - Rod someone??

Russell Brand

Sara Millican - used to find her funny, now she just sounds like she's reading from a script that was penned in 1982

Lexagon Sun 02-Jun-13 10:48:50

Jim Davidson/Roy Chubby Brown/etc - I don't know if they're still alive, but they certainly make my skin crawl from beyond the grave if they're not.

Not to such an extent, but Stewart Lee - I used to be a big fan, but now I just find it all very predictable. Like when a teacher tries to be controversial, but it falls flat.

Also, the way Dara O'Briain says "errr" all the time has rendered him unwatchable to me, which is a great shame as I think he's quite funny.

trapenfold Sun 02-Jun-13 11:21:30

Yes, Dara O'Briain's "errr" does make ones piss boil. Thank you for giving me something i can hold against him.

trapenfold Sun 02-Jun-13 11:25:45

Still Skinner for me. That skinny face. I really hated him and that other bumhole mate of his Badie, l uurrgghh...They reminded me of two smartarse, sarcy, up-their-own-arse tossers at school taking the piss out of everyone.

trapenfold Sun 02-Jun-13 11:26:07


Bunbaker Sun 02-Jun-13 11:33:02

Russel Brand, Frank Boyle, Sarah Millican - her voice is very grating, the "professional" Scouse with the big teeth (John Bishop).

piratecat Sun 02-Jun-13 11:39:09

Lee Mack, i absolutely cannot stand him. He interrupts everyone by taking their jokes and making them his own, but in a self satisfied 'oh i'm louder and funnier than ANY of you' way.
smug arse.

tethersend Sun 02-Jun-13 11:40:28

Michael McIntyre
The one that does Mrs Brown
Micky Flanagan

ThatGhastlyWoman Sun 02-Jun-13 11:50:00

A second vote for the one who does Mrs Brown, Jimmy Carr too (kind of like a celluloid ventriloquist's doll enrobed in Brylcreem). Also, that really camp bloke with wonky teeth and glasses? Alan Carr. Him. I wish someone would tell him that putting the Camp Dial up to 11 wasn't a substitute for real wit...


SirChenjin Sun 02-Jun-13 11:54:57

Oh god yes, Mrs Brown - just exactly who finds that funny? I watched it once and thought I'd tuned into a repeat of a 'comedy' from the early eighties. Didn't realise it was recent and supposed to be hilarious hmm. Awful program.

Ellenora5 Sun 02-Jun-13 12:03:00

Brenada O'Carroll does Mrs. Brown, It still makes me wonder how such utter shite got an award. It's not funny, he never was funny and won't ever be funny.

Jimmy Carr makes me sick, I can't watch him in anything

Lee Evans, see a specialist regarding your sweat glands and no your are not funny either

Frankie something or other, the one who said disgusting things about Katie Price son. If that's how you get your laughs then shame on you.

peggyblackett Sun 02-Jun-13 12:04:02

Jimmy Carr and Frankie Boyle. Just urrrgh.

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