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Anyone else think that Pete from BB looks like.....

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Ulysees Thu 25-May-06 21:58:54

Helena Bohnam alwaysindhsmovies Carter?

Or has it already been mentioned??

Ulysees Thu 25-May-06 22:07:49

I can't be the only one surely?

Beauregard Thu 25-May-06 22:20:04

Now you mention it ....Yeah,but better dressed

Ulysees Thu 25-May-06 22:39:16


I saw a pic of her today and she looked quite classy It was in Now mag.

fob Thu 25-May-06 22:39:59

d'ye think he's good looking??!!

Rowlers Thu 25-May-06 22:40:22

Oh yes, would never have thought it but now you mention it.
He's got a nice face.
Never thought that about her though.

Ulysees Thu 25-May-06 22:44:25

no but i think richard is good looking. Pete's cute though.
Helena looks like a monkey but a cute monkey. Fed up of seeing her in Tim Burton movies though. I'm amazed he didn't make her Willy Wonka so she'd have a bigger part!

Ulysees Thu 25-May-06 22:50:44

sallystrawberry Thu 25-May-06 22:53:00

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Ulysees Thu 25-May-06 22:55:54


You'll be hooked now!

Ulysees Thu 25-May-06 22:56:43

me and my mate on the checkout at asda were discussing turning richard today

Should've seen the woman's face behind!

sallystrawberry Thu 25-May-06 22:56:50

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Rowlers Thu 25-May-06 22:58:30

Richard - eeeuuuwww
Yuk de do da
I hate all that Right Said Fred macho gay bloke thing.

Ulysees Thu 25-May-06 22:58:40


Don't know why? Just want them.

Ulysees Thu 25-May-06 22:59:39

Oh I don't like richard's personality. It's purely physcial

Ulysees Thu 25-May-06 23:01:22

Have decided today I'm definitely a to solve problems, am selfish and like men for their looks.

So, I must be a gay man and therefore Richard may like me

NotAnOtter Thu 25-May-06 23:04:53

pics please!

Ulysees Thu 25-May-06 23:07:18

here's a wee one

NotAnOtter Thu 25-May-06 23:43:34

thanks and yes a lttle Mrs Burtonesque!

lilstarry1 Fri 26-May-06 14:02:02

I fancy Pete.
A lot.
Rather disturbing

fob Fri 26-May-06 14:10:35

i can't catch the helena bonham carter thing in him - though i do think he's the best thing in the house. as for richard .....bleeeuuurrgghhhhh!

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