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Game of Thrones: The Rains of Castamere (spoilers)

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lissieloo Fri 31-May-13 17:56:28

Last weeks break proper pissed me off, but is anyone else nervous about this weeks episode? Edmure's wedding is so huge in the books, and the penultimate episode has always been the big one, I know I will cry.

PollyPlummer Mon 03-Jun-13 13:13:09

Killing Starks Frettchen

I am going to cry, I know it.

Does Roose say Jaime Lannister sends his regards when he kills Robb ?

Do we see Robbwind ?

PollyPlummer Mon 03-Jun-13 13:13:40

Actually don't tell me - I am getting a bit over excited by it all.

Frettchen Mon 03-Jun-13 13:31:56

I'm saying nothing - even if you wanted me to; this episode's not for spoiling!!! Book fans won't be disappointed!

The outrage on fb is very amusing (and highly grammatically incorrect... but that adds to the amusement!)

lissieloo Mon 03-Jun-13 13:48:41

In the book its sort of swirling and chaotic, isn't it? Sort of "this isn't really happening, is it?" I am so excited all through the series when robb was making poor decisions, I was getting this heavy feeling. I think it makes it better, knowing what's coming.

Pitmountainpony Mon 03-Jun-13 17:48:40

Yep. Get yer cup of tea and tissues ready. We watched it last night....the break was due to Memorial Day here.
Mourning today.

PollyPlummer Mon 03-Jun-13 18:03:11

Yed in the book there was an impending sense of doom throughout the whole chapter and it moved so quickly. From a niggle that something was wrong to carnage.
Glad tgey have done it justice.

WeWishYouAMerryNameChange Mon 03-Jun-13 20:28:41

I've just watched it and spent the last half an hour with my mouth open in shock - I've just rang my sister who I know won't have seen it yet just because I felt I needed to prewarn her about how fucking intense it was! I haven't read the books because I don't want to know what might be coming, but I am itching to start them

PenguinBear Mon 03-Jun-13 20:41:36

My DP watches this and has just seen the latest one. He is in shock from it and told me he needs counselling as it was so intense hmm. I am not a fan of the series but he's just watched a second time with his friend they have both decided to come and tell me about it and how shocked/surprised they were and how intense/messed up it was.

lissieloo Mon 03-Jun-13 20:42:20

Yes, greywinds refusal to enter the twins, frey's snidiness. All added to the unease. And knowing doesn't actually make it any easier.

Wewish, you really should read the books too, they complement the series, its a great adaptation.

ILovePonyo Mon 03-Jun-13 20:46:19

Very much looking forward to this. I have read the books but can't remember them very well, but the red wedding I definitely can remember!
It's not like I read them ages ago either, my memory is awful confused

How do we think they will end it next week then?

ILovePonyo Mon 03-Jun-13 20:46:51

My dp hasn't read the books either and he keeps asking me what happens, ooooh is he in for a shock!

lissieloo Mon 03-Jun-13 20:51:55

Penguin, really? I read an interview with the producers and they said that this was the scene they have been working up to over the last 3 seasons.

PollyPlummer Mon 03-Jun-13 20:52:29

I really hope it ends with Lady Stone heart.

Don't want to say too much more wink

lissieloo Mon 03-Jun-13 20:55:21

Ponyo, he'll be vvv shocked.

Next week will be the fallout, won't it? Sansa being told by joffrey what has happened, arya setting off to braavos, maybe jon being told that he is up for LC. It wouldn't be the battle, would it?

PenguinBear Mon 03-Jun-13 20:56:24

I am not sure whether to say yes or no as I'm not sure what the really refers to! blush

lissieloo Mon 03-Jun-13 20:56:24

Yes, LS would be an ace cliffhanger, while its still fresh.

lissieloo Mon 03-Jun-13 20:58:21

Your dh's reaction, twas rhetorical. grin

Nearly time!

PollyPlummer Mon 03-Jun-13 20:59:42

I think you pretty much have it right lissie Plus Dany will do her thing. The title of next weeks is Mhysa - mother in high valerian.

WeWishYouAMerryNameChange Mon 03-Jun-13 21:00:16

lissieloo - I do intend to read the books, I have them lined up and ready to go, I am just enjoying the TV series SO much (more than I think I've ever emjoyed any tv) and it gives me hope that all the other amazing fantasy books ive read have a hope of being made into TV!

ILovePonyo Mon 03-Jun-13 21:02:19

Dd keeps getting out of bed the little pest angrygrin at least we can skip through the adverts when we finally start watching! Enjoy everyone smile

PollyPlummer Mon 03-Jun-13 21:03:06

Oh here we go, hope you all enjoy it smile

NorthernLurker Mon 03-Jun-13 21:04:27

I don't watch this but have seen the 'buzz' and read a bit on the net. Enjoy (or endure!)

lissieloo Mon 03-Jun-13 21:06:12

I'm watching the end of corrie first, so that I can ff.

I put off finishing book one because I didn't want to spoil the series grin

lissieloo Mon 03-Jun-13 21:07:21

Thank you NL, and polly.

See you all on the other side!

ILovePonyo Mon 03-Jun-13 21:08:32

just posting this for you all for afterwards!

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