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Things from fairly recent TV that already seem dated.

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BrianButterfield Tue 28-May-13 20:45:32

Rewatching the first season of the West Wing, which is from 1999, so not exactly ancient history, but some things really stand put as old-fashioned!

* Someone asking to see a photo of a newborn baby and the father pulling out a photo print from his bag instead of using his phone

* Sam rewinding something on a video to watch it again

* lots of plot points that would be non-starters in the smartphone age.

* lots of slash-neck tops, boot-cut trouser suits and chunky heels!

Any other old favourites that aren't spoiled by being dated, but are starting to show their age?

RedPencils Tue 28-May-13 20:48:25

I know it's from 80s so not that recent but my DCs were most amused that the 'future' in Back To The Future 2 is 2015.

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