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Game of thrones *SPOILERS*

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PollyPlummer Mon 27-May-13 22:08:40




Just typed spoilers so may times it looks a bit odd now, like its not the right word hmm

Any way - nice day for a red wedding wink anyone one else eagerly awaiting / dreading the next episode ?

I know its a whole week away, but it feels like the whole series has been building up to this point. I get a bit teary just thinking about it.

I wonder how they will pull it off, there are 2 things that really stuck in my mind from that - Jaime Lannister sends his regards and No not my hair, Ned loves my hair.

ILovePonyo Mon 27-May-13 22:14:24

Is it the next episode then? Eek! When GoT first started I googled red wedding after reading about it on the mn threads, I have since read the books and was still shock when it happened.

On another note, is anyone else a bit disappointed in the Theon story so far? Alfie Allen looks too healthy grin

PollyPlummer Mon 27-May-13 22:21:45

grin Yes far too healthy wink The cutty off his balls scene made me cringe though - poor Theon. I don't feel as sorry for him in the series as I do in the books, probably because they haven't done the whole Reek thing yet.

ILovePonyo Mon 27-May-13 22:36:46

Yeah I felt for him but no where near as bad as I did in the books, I was skipping chapters to read ahead what happened to poor Reek! Tbh the cutty off balls scene annoyed me, were there naked women writhing around in the book (correct me if wrong?!) It just seemed that in that episode they hadn't showed enough boobs so fitted it in then.

Same with Jaime really, in the book his teeth were rotting and he seemed to be suffering more than they could show in the series it seemed?

My memory is terrible though, I can't relate a lot of the tv series to the books confused

PollyPlummer Mon 27-May-13 23:16:48

Gosh yes the 2 girls thing was ridiculous.

I will have to re read that book as I cant remember much about the state of Jaime, he definitely wasn't as strong as he was in the series, it took him a lot longer to recover.

Talking about teeth, do you think Theon will loose his smile ? I felt so sorry for him in ADWD when he was trying to eat a stew and couldn't chew the meat because it hurt too much.

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