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FIRE - FIRE!!!!!!! HELP!!!!!!:)

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StoicButStressed Fri 24-May-13 21:14:20

Taught in self- defence that if shouted 'FIRE" would urgently attract peoples attention - so hoping it HAS as need VERY swift advice. So apols for that but DO need advice urgently on distraction here....

Have had both a beautiful but poigniant day - DS2 Leavers Day after 5/6 years of brutal slog to get him there after he and his beautiful big brother were attacked.angrysadangry

Also struggling to even BE on here right now, partly as was trying be on here less (addictive MNgrin club memeber!), but also as s is an OP that is so close to home it beggars belief. I HAVE helped but now avoiding MN where can, but I too have PTSD and thead is a pretty lethal trigger (have helped where can, so haven't abandoned her, but simply can't 'see' it very often')

So, need a distraction - and NOW lovely MN'ers. *SHOULD I GO FOR:

i) Ladyboys new series on Sky LivingIt, OR;
ii) New season 10 opening episode of CSI NY on Fox?

And no, telly and sky+ NOT working so can't record - is via Sky on Mac only so only one choice...


PS THIS is thread struggling with. I HAVE done a shop for OP, and wish could help more but simply can't. AS yep, still have - vile - active PTSD myself. But if you can help (her MN - yep, us bastard viperswink support has been phenomenal and clearly much needed) and can see it yourself without it damaging you, is here:

Footface Sat 25-May-13 21:04:12

Oh erm, the link is in the un google able place, but this tv bit is googleable, maybe you should get it removed and re do thread without the link. Just in case

pegwin Sun 26-May-13 01:03:58

stoic i know that thread and sad for you and Op with ptsd. bloody brilliant that you did something practical to help though.

second post above though as that thread is best left where it is.

I too suffer with MN addiction and need distraction (no kidding it is what time) I making my way through several series of coupling on replay and following random amusing non stressful people on twitter.

please repost without the link and then we can get references to it deleted.

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