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Can anyone tell me what's going on in Home & Away at the moment?

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shiningcadence Wed 22-May-13 13:22:24

My 3 year old stopped taking afternoon naps about 4 weeks ago so I haven't been able to watch H&A since then sad I am gutted. She starts nursery after half term so I can resume watching then, yay! But for now can anyone tell me what's been happening please? Last episode I saw was when Romeo told Liam he had cancer. I'd missed a few episodes before that so was in complete shock about that and might have shed a tear or few . Since then I have managed to catch about 5 minutes of a couple of episodes - one where Indi was shouting at Sid because he knew about Romeo and didn't tell her. It appears Romeo has left? And one where Spencer's brother had turned up and was acting v weird. So what's been happening?
Thank you so much for any replies smile

shiningcadence Wed 22-May-13 18:11:31

Pretty please smile

qazxc Wed 22-May-13 18:35:29

Romeo took Indi on a romantic weekend and snuck off, leaving a letter saying that he was leaving but would always love her. Sid came to pick her up and told her about the cancer, she is now angry at Sid for witholding Romeo's condition from her.
Spencer's brother has been doing a bit of shit stirring between him and maddie in the hope of getting Spencer to come home.
Gina had an aneurism and died. This was before the final papers for adoption were signed so things are up in the air there.
Brax has been shagging Adam's sister Ricky and she seems to have some kind of secret.
Dex has a new girlfriend.
Kyle made a pass at Casey's girlfriend but i think they sorted that out.

WTAF about Gina. I am only about 4 episodes behind. shock sad

qazxc Thu 23-May-13 09:17:38

oops sorry for the spoiler wannabe but at least it gives you fair warning to stock up on tissues.

No its alright, its me thats behind.

Cant bring myself to watch it now. I loved Gina. sad sad

shiningcadence Thu 23-May-13 16:01:23

Aww thank you qazxc, really appreciate it. Wow, can't believe about Gina, so sad. As if Romeo wasn't enough <sniff> I wonder what will happen with Jett now, I hope he gets to stay with John.
Yeah I guessed Kyle might make a move on Tamara.
And I can see Dex and Brax not lasting long with their new beaus. I reckon they'll both be back with their exes before long - April and Natalie. I hope so anyway <invests too much time in a soap> grin
I always find with H&A you miss a couple of weeks and everything's changed, people have died, there are new faces, couples have split up.
Ah well.. thanks again smile

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