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NEW reality tv show!

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CountessDracula Tue 23-May-06 14:46:23

I bet you will all be glued to it

"The mental hospitals of Britain have been combed to create this new and innovative TV show. The most tragic and vulnerable members of society can be seen playing LIVE tiddlywinks, 24/7 on UKTWAT RT+1 from tomorrow morning! You will have the opportunity to text in and suggest tortures for the contestants when they miss the pot with their tiddlywink. You might want to see their fingernails removed, a disembowelling or two or even some eyes being gouged out, the more gruesome the better! Make sure your children are watching, it will set them up for life being exposed to such hilarity!"

WelshBoris Tue 23-May-06 14:48:25

tiddlywinks when does it start? i cant wait

Carmenere Tue 23-May-06 14:52:33

A very innovative project to produce revenue for the public sector imo, have you tried approaching endemol/Gordon Brown with this idea CD

CountessDracula Tue 23-May-06 14:52:54

Tomorrow am

I am seriously excited

I am getting a special tshirt printed

here !!!!!!!

WelshBoris Tue 23-May-06 14:55:25

i can stop reading take a break and chat now, spend all my time watching this

CountessDracula Tue 23-May-06 16:25:48

yes if you can tear yourself away from big borether

2shoes Tue 23-May-06 17:23:06

CountessDracula i love that rofl

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