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Horrible Histories series 5 n starting next monday! AND Gory games!

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marjproops Mon 20-May-13 17:00:50

DCs going MAD! like at Christmas, she can't wait.

mind you, nor can I.

and gory games straight after that. love rattus and dave Lamb together.

Anyone elses DCs (or anyone else!) waiting in anticipation?

marjproops Wed 29-May-13 19:15:09

Dc and I are atm watching series 4 which we bought today and the Luddite songs just come on! Jim is brill at Johnny rotten!

Gracelo Thu 30-May-13 09:25:35

Loved Simon and Garfunkel and the Smiths songs. It's a great way to introduce the dc to the music of my youth.

The Luddite song is not available on youtube anymore (or I can't find it). I wonder if someone objected.

New series is great but I'm a little annoyed about the scheduling. I'm not at home in time for the afternoon showing and I need to leave in the morning half way through the show. I know I can watch it on iPlayer but our broadband connection is too slow to watch anything at the moment, though I hope BT will actually sort this out soon.

marjproops Thu 30-May-13 18:20:36

gracelo ive found on youtube they've blocked scenes. I had some various HH scenes saved on 'my favourites' and now theyre blocked from bbc America? is that whats happened to you?


theyre repeating new series on weekend mornings if that helps!

Simon rapping today was good!

marjproops Thu 30-May-13 20:30:31

ha ha ha. ive got a music channel on and theyre showing 80's vids and Adam and the ants Stand and deliver came on and me and Dc just automatically started sing the highwayman song!

LOVE Adam and the ants and their song but tbh think we prefer the HH song!

Gracelo Fri 31-May-13 06:45:46

marj I only saw it for the luddites song but it might well be for others as well. I was trying to show it to a friend in Germany and couldn't find a link that worked. Blocked by BBC Canada if I remember right. Some scenes, like King John online and the Borgia pope as The Godfather were available than gone and are back again now.

I'll have to look out for the weekend showings. The broadcasting of the last series was ideal for me. One new show every week with a repeat on Saturday morning which we all watched together before doing the shopping, perfect.

redlac Fri 31-May-13 07:01:54

My DD now loves Adam and the Ants because of my love of Mat in that Dick Turpin song. I nearly had a fit when I heard The Smiths one - DD was less impressed with this as she has been forced to listen to Moz since a baby and she is not a fan smile

Went on YouTube to watch some clips and it is a SCANDAL that BBC America has blocked the content - surely they can unblock it for viewers from Uk since we paid for the bleedin series to be made???

Gracelo Fri 31-May-13 09:03:25

I just got someone to check, it doesn't work in Germany either. I'm sure they wouldn't be able to sell many HH box sets there.
I don't understand why some things are blocked suddenly. We've got the first 3 series on DVD but sometime I just want to quickly watch something on youtube.

ReadytoOrderSir Fri 31-May-13 10:06:44

Lots of songs in the clips on the CBBC website for folks struggling with YouTube (I guess it's BBC having issues with copyright!)

marjproops Fri 31-May-13 18:54:08

thought it was just my computer! had loads of little fave clips (even tho weve got the dvds) to have quick peeks at and now theyre all blocked suddenly!

what was the joan of arc song a spoof of? didnt get it today.

Gracelo Fri 31-May-13 20:25:08

I haven't seen it yet but I'm told it was based on Jessie J.

marjproops Fri 31-May-13 20:35:17

im old! i only recognise anthing 70/80's style!

was the roman rap besed on timberlake or something? gosh i sound REALLY old!

Gracelo Fri 31-May-13 20:47:28

The Crassus one? I thought it was a Prodigy dancy like one but dp disagrees with me.

marjproops Fri 31-May-13 21:41:58

Love that stupid deaths is still on, plus Bob Hale and the sports guy presenter (the black guy, cant remember his name) is back too.

and Steve Punt.

and the Brian Cox spoofs

redlac Fri 31-May-13 22:36:34

Crassus was a spoof of Bonkers by Dizzee Rascal

marjproops Fri 31-May-13 22:38:04

thanks redlac knew it was something but couldn't put my finger on it!

Gracelo Sat 01-Jun-13 07:51:31

Oh Dizzy seems this educating about music thing works for us older folks as well.

marjproops Tue 04-Jun-13 17:35:45

OkaY Gracelo are you like me today too? grin

What was the Alexander song based on? duh!?

marjproops Tue 04-Jun-13 18:02:30

Who was the Indian guy on come dine with me? AL Murray was on before so Im assuming its someone m,aking a cameo and Im sure Ive seen him before but cant remember where?

also, wondering why, if Lawrys there he wasnt George lll again, but the chef.

I know Simons played George lll before in the 4 Georges song and at the proms but wierd that Lawrys another character yet Jim stayed as George lV.....

Gracelo Tue 04-Jun-13 20:10:48

I don't know what the song was marj. I can't quite put my finger on what it reminds me off.

Gracelo Wed 05-Jun-13 14:31:24

On wiki it says it's a pastiche of "stadium rock", hmmm, I need to listen to it again but I'm at work and, strangely, nobody here shares my love for HH.

marjproops Wed 05-Jun-13 18:01:23

Change job then grin.

you may be right about the song, sometimes theyre not spoofs of a particular artist but a general type

eg- Patchacuti was a pastiche of 'summer novelty songs' type thing whereas Balackbeard was 'pirates of penzance'.

$ georges was based on boybands whearas Aztec priests was Bee Gees Stayin alive.

Gracelo Thu 06-Jun-13 08:32:31

It would make a very interesting resignation letter "I herewith resign from my position as I find working with people who do not appreciate HH impossible. Kindest regards..." We are a very international bunch of people maybe that is part of the problem.

I love the Pachacuti song.
The Shakespeare song is another one which is sort of general jazzy crooner song rather than referencing a specific artist.

marjproops Tue 11-Jun-13 17:36:26

Oh, Jim Jim Jim! doing the Tom jones! grin

and Simon with the leg waxing!

Gracelo Tue 11-Jun-13 17:54:19

That was fab. smile

marjproops Tue 11-Jun-13 18:00:07

Gracelo you must be around my age as we knew what todays song was doing!grin.

mind you, i educate DC on music so she knew too. she started singing Delilah!'

disclaimer- cant stand Tom Jones. But Love Jim Howick. he can replace him any time!

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