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stacey from strictly dance fever - my god her bosoms are expanding by the second

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nailpolish Mon 22-May-06 13:42:36

i cant watch

i sit and see her big tits grow and grow before my very eyes, i can actually feel the weight/ache/tightness/lumpy bits for her

must be empathising

is she still pg or has she had baby and is now bf?

nailpolish Mon 22-May-06 13:43:14

is it stacey? shes one of the judges, the black woman. is that her name?

Gingerbear Mon 22-May-06 13:44:33

she was on Weakest Link - still PG - but boobs bigger than bump.
Poor woman will need scaffolding soon.

nailpolish Mon 22-May-06 13:46:53

doesnt say anything here

Fimbo Mon 22-May-06 13:56:17

What I want to know is, how the hell did that guy from Footballers Wives get to be a judge?

nailpolish Mon 22-May-06 13:57:33

oh i didnt know he was in footballes wives

(cant believe you watch that sh*te fimbo!)

or is it cos they wear nice shoes?

i knew he was in casualty

but he is v. famous west end dancer is he not

nailpolish Mon 22-May-06 13:58:26

although obv. not that famous cos i didnt know til it was mentioned the other day

wayne sleep annoys me with his jittery hands and voice

Fimbo Mon 22-May-06 14:02:49

LOl! In my defence I only watched it to see Joanie! I didn't realise he was a west-end dancer - i'm off to google him. Will report back

Fimbo Mon 22-May-06 14:06:45


nailpolish Mon 22-May-06 14:08:44


just a typical actor i would say!

hes a bit too 'perfect' in the look stakes for me

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