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LOST...Can you download anywhere fro free?

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pucca Sun 21-May-06 22:43:10

I remember a while ago someone put a link on here to be able to download LOST, but search isn't working atm so i can't find it.

Anyone know where yuo can download it for free?


JoolsToo Sun 21-May-06 22:43:56

GDG knows but she's not online!

Ledodgyherring Sun 21-May-06 22:44:49

My dp downloads it from bitlord. I'm not sure of the url but if you type bitlord into google it should come up.

Ledodgyherring Sun 21-May-06 22:45:37

found it there you go

pucca Mon 22-May-06 08:09:09

Thanks everyone

cornetjo Tue 23-May-06 19:53:14

Never heard of this bitlord before. Do you just install it on your computer then look for something to download.

Ledodgyherring Tue 23-May-06 21:50:44

Yes I think so.

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