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Eurovision anyone?

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ilovesooty Tue 14-May-13 19:55:41

First semi final about to start on BBC3.

ilovesooty Thu 16-May-13 21:56:58

Yes. Greece!

Raahh Thu 16-May-13 21:56:58

Yay Greece!

Maryz Thu 16-May-13 21:57:01

No Switzerland sad.

Poor old man.

TheHerringScreams Thu 16-May-13 21:57:06

The world has voted, they want free alcohol. And Greece.

Maryz Thu 16-May-13 21:59:53

This lot are pretty dreadful. Tuesday was marginally better.

Ireland is looking good atm, but of course no-one will vote for us. Apart from Poland and the UK, they always do. The UK because half of Ireland is there, and Poland because half of them have relatives here.

scrummummy Thu 16-May-13 22:00:59

Looking forward to Saturday!

Yama Thu 16-May-13 22:01:25

I was quite excited when I saw the full list and saw that we were on last. When I pointed this out to dh, he very kindly said 'I think it's in alphabetical order my love.'

Ah, it is getting late.

Theonlyoneiknow Thu 16-May-13 22:01:45

Have got a Eurovision party tomorrow. Have been allocated a country that I need to bring food from, and dress up in local dress!

Maryz Thu 16-May-13 22:03:45

Tomorrow or Saturday Theonly?

Some of those countries would be difficult from a dress-up point of view. But I suspect a red parachute would cover most of them.

Is there a running order list yet?

Theonlyoneiknow Thu 16-May-13 22:46:55

Sorry I meant Saturday!

Quite pleased I have managed to origami a hat!

Nagoo Thu 16-May-13 22:48:13

I think I might have a placenta in the freezer...

sensesworkingovertime Fri 17-May-13 21:14:55

Is it just me or is it a bit dreary this year? There just don't seem to be many decent tunes and everybody (that I've seen) is wearing black or just black and white.sad

mathanxiety Sat 18-May-13 03:37:50

Or just black trews and tattoos.

abi2790 Sat 18-May-13 08:07:34

Eeek excited for Eurovision grin.

I don't like watching the semi-finals cos I find it takes the fun out of seeing the main event.

ilovesooty Sat 18-May-13 17:47:35

Just over two hours to go!

mathanxiety Sat 18-May-13 17:54:48

I am going to have to have a lie-down before it gets going.

ClaraOswald Sat 18-May-13 19:22:01

Ladeis and otherwise, might I propose we adjourn to here for the evening?

ilovesooty Sat 18-May-13 20:10:30

Anyone here?

TheHerringScreams Sat 18-May-13 20:13:18

Ooh, it's starting now!

ilovesooty Sat 18-May-13 20:17:15

It's a bit quiet in here...

antlerqueen Sat 18-May-13 20:19:58

There are more people on


antlerqueen Sat 18-May-13 20:20:22

Wrong link hahaha !

ilovesooty Sat 18-May-13 20:21:04

Thanks antler

ThistleVille Sat 18-May-13 23:28:21

Gutted sad

YoniTime Sat 18-May-13 23:45:14

Why? Who did you vote for?

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