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Doctors Addicts Anonymous Continued - the return to 'WTF'?

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MsNobodyAgain Sat 11-May-13 16:24:54

This is a thread for all fans of the weekday third rate soap Doctors. BBC1, 1.45pm.

I know in the last thread I said it was a second rate soap, but I've downgraded it to third rate given the recent lack of WTF storylines. Come on scriptwriters, stop being so seri-arse!

Regulars: The lovely Mrs T has her bob wig on and is waiting to sign you at the desk.
Newbies: All welcome. Join in the banter, ask any questions, we have verrrrrrrrry many experts on this thread. smile

Oh, and a small favour to ask. Can someone kill Emma off please? Fankyouverymuch grin

Raahh Sat 11-May-13 16:31:10

yay! here's to wtf-ness and a smile on Mrs T's

Horsemad Sat 11-May-13 16:57:19

Checking in, although my attendance has been woeful sad

Thanks for new thread MsNo - glad you're back smile

Yay! I have only been managing about one episode a week lately <slacker> but I do love these threads!

We really do need more WTF-ness I agree. Thank you for the new thread MsN flowers

HarlotOTara Sat 11-May-13 17:00:04

I did like the Zara and Daniel one yesterday tho'.

AnneEyhtMeyer Sat 11-May-13 17:08:40

Oh I do love a sparkly new thread! Thank you, MsN! Gives me hope that some of my wishes may be answered:

Wish 1 - 6tl disappears and is never heard of again

Wish 2 - Whiny boy follows her and is never heard of again

Wish 3 - Jimmi either sorts himself out or leaves

Wish 4 - Mrs T gets a lovely man who appreciates her

Wish 5 - George & Ronnie come back

Wish 6 - Barry becomes a regular

Wish 7 - The rightful heir to the house knocks on Gobby's door

Not too much to ask, is it?

cinnamongreyhound Sat 11-May-13 17:09:50

I still can't believe there has not been one single reference to Mrs T/Rev since it all happened!

cinnamongreyhound Sat 11-May-13 17:12:07

Ooooh and thanks for the new thread smile

I agree with wish 2,3,4 and 5 AnneEyhtMeyer, definitely noooo to 6! I think Chris is going to be very annoying on his radio show!

MsNobodyAgain Sat 11-May-13 17:13:32

Ahhhhhh, so lovely to have you all here again <sniffs>

Anne I particularly want wishes 1, 4, 6 and 7.

Horsemad Thanks. My attendance has been a tad slacking but I have an excuse slip! grin

Oodsigma Sat 11-May-13 17:22:19

7 for me please!

Or just less police based ones. How can gobbyplod be the only-police-in-the-village if they keep showing others though he's involved in every case

readyforno2 Sat 11-May-13 18:49:04

Checking in.. Will make more of an effort to watch episodes on time instead of saving them up.

readyforno2 Sat 11-May-13 18:49:47

Also I agree with wish 5. Loved George.

HarlotOTara Sun 12-May-13 15:06:37

Please not Barry but definitely agree about Whiny boy and mum.
I can remember the first episode of Doctors (the shame blush). Can anyone else? My children were babies...

toldmywrath Sun 12-May-13 16:44:28

Thanks for new thread MsNo yes to numbers 1 5 & 7 Anne
Barry is a breath of fresh Brummy air now & again!

toldmywrath Sun 12-May-13 16:49:17

Sorry Harlot I don't remember the first one (was a non watcher then as my job meant no tv in the day!) Luckily I can catch it on the I player these days (&sometimes when it is actually being broadcast)
I remember the old surgery before it blew up & the time Helen & Mark got together. Also that Jude (Scottish)who is now in Emmerdale (& Helen is too & wasn't Nick in Emmerdale as well?) I don't watch Emmerdale btw blush

AnneEyhtMeyer Mon 13-May-13 13:45:41


Anyone about?

MsNobodyAgain Mon 13-May-13 13:45:45

Just watched the local news. If I hear one more thing about Alex Ferguson retiring I swear my head will explode angry

MsNobodyAgain Mon 13-May-13 13:46:34

Hello Anne smile

Chris on the radio. It's gonna be bad.

Raahh Mon 13-May-13 13:49:58

I am fed up of Sir Alex too. Dh is a huge United fan,(the fact I relegated his framed Cantona shirt to the understairs cupboard was nearly grounds for divorcegrin) and has been trying to tell the kids how momentous all this is.
They looked like tis hmm a lot.

Could have done without FOD singing thengrin

Raahh Mon 13-May-13 13:51:31

This bloke is creepy. But I don't trust the boss woman either.confused

MsNobodyAgain Mon 13-May-13 13:52:25

Living where we do doesn't help Raahh

6tl is being an idiot. She slept with that bloke but assessed his rape victim. Now she's given him the heads up and he's deleted his online boasts. Well done (not)

Raahh Mon 13-May-13 13:55:08

It doesn't MsN--need to move-- grin

Raahh Mon 13-May-13 13:56:12

Hopefully this will get 6tl the sack.

And Jizz is trying to get a poor woman with alcohol problems to embarrass herself on the radio? nice.

AnneEyhtMeyer Mon 13-May-13 13:56:49

Ferguson thing is bizarre. 71 year old man retires. What a shocker.

Chris has amazed me. He has managed to be even more boring on the radio than he is in the surgery. I really didn't think that could happen.

6tl storyline is ridiculous.

Raahh Mon 13-May-13 13:56:58

Is this Kev putting a voice on?

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