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Emmerdale and Corrie - catch up please?

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BrianCoxandTheTempleofDOOM Fri 10-May-13 21:01:16

So, I've just started watching both after approx 7 years! (amazing what I will watch whilst stuck to a chair BF! grin )

Most of the storylines are self explanatory, but I need some help with others.

Corrie - Nick and David's wife, she's pregnant to Nick? this is Nick, Gail's son? (he just called her Gail and not mum, so I'm not sure)

Stella's bloke who Leanne hates, what's his story? is leanne right to dislike him.

The girl in the wheel chair and her bloke. Tina is their surrogate? Does he have a thing for Tina?


I don't know any character names, am also a few episodes behind this week.

The bloke who dug up a body - what's that all about?

The girl who is saying the old Asian bloke is her baby's father...what's all that about?

Thanking you in advance grin

70isaLimitNotaTarget Sat 11-May-13 00:29:22

OK - are you sitting comfortably, then we'll begin... grin

David's Wife Kylie (Mum of Max).
David got it into his head (and TBH there's not alot else in there) that he wanted a baby with Kylie.
This minute.
So cue some rather gag-inducing sceneses where he was chasing her upstairs and wiggling his eyebrows. Understandably she was not impressed and was secretly still taking the Pill .
At Leanne/Nick wedding (that didn't happen) Kylie/Nick had a one-night stand.
Nick is Gail + Brian Tilsleys son.
(Can't remember who Sarah-Louise dad is. Gail had a fling with Brians cousin. She she likes to keep it close to home like Kylie)
David is Martin Platts son .

So confused if one night of rampant sex with Nick would give her a BFP after countless romps with David (IIRC she forgot her Pill at Christmas)

Stellas bloke Karl- gambler, ran up loads of debt.
Faked a robbery in the Vic (accidently left the safe unlocked and Oh Dear someone got in and emptied it)
Then ran off with Sunita after carrying on behind Stellas back.

Tina/Gary/Izzy - has Gary got a thing for Tina. ? Yes and with knobs on.
Tina has a very short memory. Gary (windass) before they moved to the street forced her dad (Joe ) into bankruptcy because they had a snazzy kitchen fitted then refused to pay for it (Joe was a one-man self employed kitchen fitter) Ended up with him losing his bussiness, painkiller addiction, in debt to a Loan Shark and taking his own life,


Cameron bumped off the Liverpudlian farmhand but I don't know why. He's in the woods which now Declan wants to dig up.

Rachel's baby Archie is Jais child. Jai had an ill adviced Lets Not Bother with Contraception bonk with Rachel (partly because Charity didn't want to have a baby now ). He has hung about her like a pooey nappy, going to the hospital, being all outraged at things affecting the baby.
Set Rachel up in a flat in Leeds then when she didn't like being 'controlled' he rented the house in the village.
Cue lots of meetings at the house to discuss The Boiler Servicing (because they can't do this on the phone or email).
Sam moved in. Jai not pleased.
No-one noticed that baby Archie is the same (if slightly darker) skintone to baby Molly. Therefore his dad must be Asian origin.
Rachel gets her job back cleaning. Feels 'controlled' by Jai about him not liking Sam moving in (then all her family when they get evicted).
There's a scene where Richie (Jais dad) gives Molly cufflinks and the same gift to Archie. Charity is suspicious, then witnesses a cosy scene in the factory involving Richie/Jai/Archie.

She twigs then Richie (who has known about Archie being Jais since forever) says Archie is his to protect Jai. (Hence the cufflinks)

Also Charity had a fling with Declan, Jai 'forgave' her but she didn't know about Rachel.
(Jai was the biological dad of Declans Daughter (who died) so they've got history)

BrianCoxandTheTempleofDOOM Sat 11-May-13 04:15:10

ah thanks 70!

my lord! the Emmerdale jai/ritchie story is bloody confusing I had to read through twice before it made sense grin

Corrie - dear me! I remember the story with Tina's dad and the Windass family, think I was just starting to lose interest around then, a few years back. or maybe I just watched for a month or so, cent remember.

So have the writers smoothed over the fact that the Windass family were originally baddies, or are they reformed characters? The dad's accent makes me howl, he sounds permanently constipated! grin

SlatternismyMiddlename Sun 12-May-13 21:19:50

The writers seem to have forgotten quite a few things in relate to the Windass family including the fact that Gary Windass and David Platt were sworn enemies at one point.

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