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thewomanwhothoughtshewasahat Fri 19-May-06 23:09:47

I am deeply displeased. It's not right. I didn;t expect a conventional ending but expected somtheing better than that. remember how The Office ended? that was poetry. Green Wing got it all wrong

lahdeedah Fri 19-May-06 23:10:37

my thoughts exactly

lahdeedah Fri 19-May-06 23:11:16

I think there will be a Christmas special though, so hopefully it will all turn out alright in the end....

rickman Fri 19-May-06 23:11:29

Message withdrawn

thewomanwhothoughtshewasahat Fri 19-May-06 23:12:09

do you think? blummen well hope so

fireflyfairy2 Fri 19-May-06 23:12:41

what happened We missed it

Please update me in every little detail

sugarfree Fri 19-May-06 23:13:18

The results are mixed up or a mistake.

thewomanwhothoughtshewasahat Fri 19-May-06 23:13:36

Mac is dying and caroline is going to marry Guy. Dr Staythem and mad woman and Martin are hagning off a cliff

edam Fri 19-May-06 23:14:04

Oh noooooooo don't tell me that was the last one ever! I forgot it was on and only caught the last ten minutes. Oh sh!t. Hope it's on More4 tomorrow.

sugarfree Fri 19-May-06 23:14:13

and Sue White gave birth to a lion cub.

rickman Fri 19-May-06 23:14:29

Message withdrawn

flutterbee Fri 19-May-06 23:15:07

Its just the end of that series and I thought it was great how they ended with the van over the cliff just like in the last series

V sad about Mac though

edam Fri 19-May-06 23:15:59

They can't have another series if Mac really has copped it. And they can't do a whole Mac in a coma thing again, can they?

lahdeedah Fri 19-May-06 23:17:04

they're not going to do a third series apparently - busy schedules, etc etc

but there will be a Christmas special, so hopefully all loose ends will be tied up then, a la The Office

flutterbee Fri 19-May-06 23:17:30

Roll on series 3 is all I can say

flutterbee Fri 19-May-06 23:18:00

There will be a 3rd one there will be a 3rd one.

thewomanwhothoughtshewasahat Fri 19-May-06 23:19:32

I was assuming it was the last - 3 series would be too much and they were clearly developing a story that needed an ending (v like the Office: series one - just about the characters, series 2 bit of a love plot). If it's not the end then I forgive it. But the Christmas one had better be good.

fireflyfairy2 Fri 19-May-06 23:20:31

What's Mac dying of????

And why is caroline marrying guy??? ahhh pants I wish I had've seen this!!! Will it be repeated on E4 or anything??????????????????????

lahdeedah Fri 19-May-06 23:33:38

We don't know why Mac is dying... all very mysterious.

It's repeated tomorrow night on More4 I think. I usually watch the repeat too (I know I'm a sad fan) but don't think I can face it this time.....

Spagblog Sat 20-May-06 08:34:41

WTF sums it up - What a bizarre and unsatisfatory ending

colditz Sat 20-May-06 08:40:47

I am glad Caroline is marrying Guy. He was the only one with the balls to ask her properly!

He still has sexy eyes.

Spagblog Sat 20-May-06 09:17:19

Bah! Guy looks like the donkey in Shrek.

thewomanwhothoughtshewasahat Sat 20-May-06 09:28:22

you have a point Colditz, Mac's flippancy was starting to wear a bit thin. he was behaving like quite a twat tbh. And Guy is showing himself to be a decent bloke.

ediemay Sat 20-May-06 16:13:24

My pet theory is that Guy is the father of Holly's child

morningpaper Sat 20-May-06 20:28:50

Didn't like the whole Sue White thing

Made me feel v. uncomfortable

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