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coronation street - The mystery card sender

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TheLadyVanishes Fri 19-May-06 18:55:52

its Audrey I'm sure!

nutcracker Fri 19-May-06 18:56:24


Northerner Fri 19-May-06 18:56:24

I thought it was David?

MrsRecycle Fri 19-May-06 18:56:40

No apparently it's Richard!

Northerner Fri 19-May-06 18:56:49

OOOOh nutty, we posted at exactly the same time.

TheLadyVanishes Fri 19-May-06 18:56:49

is that a definite

tamum Fri 19-May-06 18:56:55

I assumed David too. Why Audrey? Come on, spill

TheLadyVanishes Fri 19-May-06 18:58:35

is richard not deceased, dead, a goner, expired, passed on, gone to meet his maker, at the pearly gates being refused entry??

MrsRecycle Fri 19-May-06 18:58:41

Apparently they never found Richard's body and the rumour is he's coming back into the show.

PanicPants Fri 19-May-06 18:59:08

It's David, I'm sure.
But why Audrey?

Could be Norris having a breakdown...

7up Fri 19-May-06 18:59:11

why would audrey or david wana screw her head up???does sound reasonable but a bit far fetched in real life

tamum Fri 19-May-06 18:59:17

You forgot "joined the choir eternal"

TheLadyVanishes Fri 19-May-06 18:59:24

well when gail was wanting to call the police after receiving the last card (someone left it on the table) audrey didn't seem to want her to and was abit cagey

nutcracker Fri 19-May-06 18:59:57

But gail identified richards body.

tamum Fri 19-May-06 19:00:20

I assumed David was doing it to put the blame on whatsisname that she was dating recently, the criminology/podiatry bloke (always a winning combination).

TheLadyVanishes Fri 19-May-06 19:00:20

I thought gail saw his body

Ledodgyherring Fri 19-May-06 19:01:22

My dp insists he saw Sarah leave the card on the table (i'd gone to the loo) but I don't know whether to believe him!

MrsRecycle Fri 19-May-06 19:01:26

But was it really Richard's body? This is soap world remember Bobby coming out of the shower in Dallas (showing my age here)

7up Fri 19-May-06 19:01:30

i rekon its saras boyfriend, cause of th eupset gails caused his mum, and hes got access to the house

Saggarmakersbottomknocker Fri 19-May-06 19:01:48

Gail identified the body. It's David....unless there's going to be a Dallas type shower moment and Richard's alive and well.

TheLadyVanishes Fri 19-May-06 19:02:14

No, I'm sure richard is a corpse, a cadaver, six feet under, in the seventh circle of hell, pegged it and shuffled off his mortal coil!!

Saggarmakersbottomknocker Fri 19-May-06 19:02:20

We are both old then MrsR

tamum Fri 19-May-06 19:02:24

Oh, good point 7up. Hey, what about Scooter?

Saggarmakersbottomknocker Fri 19-May-06 19:03:13

Not sure Scooter was bright enough!

tamum Fri 19-May-06 19:03:55

No, true, true.

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