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Sherlock Holmes on bbc - when does it start?

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LittleAbruzzenBear Tue 07-May-13 20:09:30

They're keeping us hanging aren't they! Did anyone see Cumberbatch on Graham Norton? He is vair funny and naice.

Stila Tue 07-May-13 13:59:06

I saw a tweet earlier saying bbc3 are repeating the first series starting May 17 … perhaps you have seen a trailer for that ?

It's not the new series - they're filming that as we speak (got horribly spoiled by accident when I stupidly clicked on some set photos) As Talismanic said, Alibi is showing the first series and have been promoting it like mad. Last I heard about the S3 air date was late 2013 - possibly around Christmas sad

Theselittlelightsofmine Mon 06-May-13 21:58:17

I thought it was this week too? Saw a trailer last month and I'm sure it said this week.

Talismanic Mon 06-May-13 21:57:04

They're starting to show the first series on Alibi this week. Can't wait to see them again.

VenetiaLanyon Mon 06-May-13 21:54:36

Drat, thought I was this week. Thank you...

Nombrechanger Mon 06-May-13 21:48:16

It doesn't start until Autumn 2013.

VenetiaLanyon Mon 06-May-13 21:03:42

I can't remember when the trailer said that the new Sherlock Holmes series was starting; does anyone know? I don't want to miss it...

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