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The Line of Beauty

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bakedpotato Thu 18-May-06 12:12:38

Eyewatering or what

BeetrootOldDeer Thu 18-May-06 12:15:00

now. i have a question and I guess it is unlikey a load of mums can tell me the answer BUT....
when they have anal sex..the man infront (in this programme) didnt get his penis does he just get his plaesre fromt eh anal sex? and not from orgasming himslef???

niceglasses Thu 18-May-06 12:17:21

Do you think they've got the 80s thing quite right?

Apart from the music all over the place, it took me a while to remember it was in the 80s. Are the clothes quite right? Dunno........

bakedpotato Thu 18-May-06 12:24:11

DH got very excited abuot the cars

'Oh look there'\s an old Rover'

bakedpotato Thu 18-May-06 12:24:28

Definitely think Catherine's clothes were missing a trick, NG

peachyClair Thu 18-May-06 13:01:40

Beetie LOL

were they allowed to get their penises out in front? just a thought

FWIW, I believe that yes the ones who have anal sex (loads dont ) do enjoy it, and also i beleive recirocal blow jobs are often in order....

O goodness, GF would kill me for that LOL

Marina Thu 18-May-06 13:05:31

eyewatering is the word. Dh absented himself in horror but reappeared for oh so hetero Desperate Housewives.
I thought the men's hair wasn't quite right for early eighties either. And Catherine's whole look was takes more than lacy stockings, costume dept please note.
I still enjoyed it though - good cast, interesting novel, Andrew Davies' magic touch with the adaptation.

Marina Thu 18-May-06 13:06:22

Dh would have enjoyed the cars had he not been skulking nervously in the kitchen...

BeetrootOldDeer Thu 18-May-06 13:08:36

you couldn't see the front but you could see their hands, so I asume they were not touching pensies.

Perhaps we were ust not shown the reciprocal blow drop

cod Thu 18-May-06 13:08:40

Message withdrawn

BeetrootOldDeer Thu 18-May-06 13:09:13

and catherines dress looked very mocern

hoxtonchick Thu 18-May-06 13:12:03

really wanted to see this, i liked the book a lot. but the sodding football was on. anyone know when it's repeated?

niceglasses Thu 18-May-06 13:14:52

Yup I had to watch it with constant flickings over to the bloody football. Gawd.

Would it be on that Teleport thingy where you can watch re-runs??

zippitippitoes Thu 18-May-06 13:18:50

how on earth does Andrew find the time to do so many adaptations..he is a factory

bundle Thu 18-May-06 13:23:34

was a bit disappointed (glossy trailers in mode of Crocodiles, but obviously not as crap as that ) and haven't read the book. too much Duran Duran too. I was sawing arms off polo necks and using them alternately as legwarmers over stilleto boots/on my arms for goodness knows what reason, back then . also - never felt that blusher could be applied badly back in the eighties (ie the more, the better, the stripier the better..) and there was too much tasteful make up going on. better than the footy though..(minor scuffles in road next to mine which I was blissfully unaware of, post-match, and thankfully dd1's school open today cos of no victory parade!)

Belo Thu 18-May-06 13:23:41

HC - you can watch the 1st episode on the BBC website if you've got broadband.

I thought the clothes were a modern adaptation of 80s clothes. I did like the spotty dress she wore for the party.

Cam Thu 18-May-06 13:40:10

Watched this (with footy interjections - ooh could be taken the wrong way )and found it as dull as the book, which I only managed to get half-way through before having to give up through sheer boredom.

The main character appears to be a non-entity around which all the other characters have far more exciting lives. Just doesn't work for me.

Wouldn't have recognised it as the 80's if I hadn't read (half) the book.

Do want to live in No. 29 whichever square though.

bundle Thu 18-May-06 13:41:05

cam they could have played the footy match in the effin' living room

Cam Thu 18-May-06 13:52:04

Yes, and those huge double front doors. Guess they have those to get the massive furniture and works of art in

bundle Thu 18-May-06 13:53:00

& the grand piano

cardy Thu 18-May-06 13:55:48

watched the football. Is it repeated?

Enid Thu 18-May-06 13:58:40

have read book and really njoyed it

so did not watch show

bakedpotato Thu 18-May-06 15:42:57

agree Cat's party look was far too tasteful (LOL @Bundle's sleeve amputations/legwarmers). I did go to a few posh coming of age parties in the 80s (some even thrown for the children of Tory MPs ) and I, like the rest of the female guests, looked like a Blackpool B&B toilet-roll cover -- lots of flounces and ruffles. Sleek was in v short supply as I recall.

also, severe lack of novelty bowties which were surely all the rage with that chinless crowd

the sex made more sense/was more bearable in the book. Would love to know if gay men found those TV scenes erotic.

foxinsocks Thu 18-May-06 15:44:56

was it good then? I recorded it to watch at some point. I've read the book and really enjoyed it (though didn't really like the ending).

motherinferior Thu 18-May-06 15:46:16

I actually gave up on the book. This probably says something about me, and not complimentary either. Especially as GGGLimpopo had told me to read it on learning that my own great unwritten novel centres upon that unlamented decade.

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